Alumni Spotlight – Brandon Hecke ’15

PDC Staff Alumni Stories

Brandon HeckeBrandon Hecke graduated in May 2015 with majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He is now an analyst in Private Wealth Management Operations at Goldman Sachs.

Why did you choose to work for Goldman Sachs: I chose to work for Goldman Sachs because it’s an excellent multi-national brand and is the market leader within the investment banking sector of financial services. More importantly, I wanted to be involved in a dynamic, technical role and knew that Goldman Sachs would provide me with excellent training.

Tell us about your job responsibilities: Currently, I am an analyst in Private Wealth Management Operations. I have worked predominately on two teams throughout my first nine months with the firm. I started on the Strategic Data Architecture team where I conducted client portfolio analysis; I analyzed the profitability of a client relative to the cost it takes to serve them operationally. Recently, I moved to the Account Opening team where I open entities (trusts, LLCs, foundations, etc.) and individual accounts for high net worth individuals within our Private Wealth Management business.

What do you enjoy most about working at Goldman Sachs: My colleagues at Goldman are exceptional, and I enjoy the dynamics of the industry. Our team has people from all over the world with amazing stories who are also professional and amiable. Our work is closely tied to by political, financial, and economic forces which makes each week dynamic in its own way.

What is your fondest Eller memory? I really enjoyed the Eller International Internship in London, truly opened my eyes to the global economy and how large the EU economic bloc is. I also vividly remember being accepted into the McGuire Program for Entrepreneurship, which had been my goal since I had enrolled my freshman year.