Eller Domestic Internship – Chicago

PDC Staff Student Stories

By: Caelum Gay, pre-business junior who participated in the Eller Domestic Internship program through Dream Careers.

Caelum Gay

Major League Soccer game with a fellow “dreamer”

My experience with Dream Careers was really excellent. They made everything so simple, I really loved that they provided housing and a great resource for finding the right company for me. I worked for a company called JumpForward.

I managed a project we called the data bible. Aside from my daily duties processing data for the company, I was making and delegating the creation of a guide on what interns are supposed to do and how to do the tasks. There were other projects but that was the biggest and most fun for me.

I would absolutely recommend Dream Careers to students. I found the experience to be really rewarding. And besides the work experience they do a great job of providing a really fun and friendly environment outside of work. I made some good friends and fun memories.

Caelum Gay

Cranking on the guitar in the special music rooms in my building with my friend Bert, also a fellow dreamer.

Caelum Gay

A good group of friends on the Dream Career sponsored boat trip