Eller African American Honorary – Awards Dinner

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By: Tripp Twyman, VP of Recruitment, Eller African American Honorary

On Friday, April 8, the Eller African American Honorary hosted their inaugural Awards Dinner.

At the event, they recognized the top African American Business students as well as notable alumni, Bob Elliott and Olden Lee. Bob Elliott is founder and President of  Elliott Accounting , an accounting, tax, management and investment advisory services firm. He also played basketball in the 1976 U.S. Olympic Trials, was a College Basketball Athletic and Academic All American, and is the only University of Arizona athlete to be a member of the College Academic All America Hall of Fame. In his most recent position, Olden Lee served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Taco Bell Corporation. He currently serves on the Board of Starbucks Coffee Company and is a member of the advisory board of the Eller College of Management.

During the event, members of EAAH were able to speak with Bob, Olden, and numerous other community members about their experience as black professionals. There was also a strong recruiter presence at the event as representatives from Altria, GEICO and NorthWestern Mutual were there to connect with the students and celebrate their achievements.

Bob Elliott, in his address during the dinner, captured the mindset of the Eller African American Honorary at the culmination of its founding year by stating that “somebody’s got to start it”, and we look forward to seeing the honorary blossom in the years to come.