San Francisco Study Tour: Inside Look, Part 2

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Each spring, the Professional Development Center presents a unique opportunity for students in the Eller College of Management to visit a variety of companies and meet professionals living and working in a major city. This past spring break, participants toured San Franciso, and visited 15 companies. The following is Part 2 (of 3) of an Inside Look into the tour including a selection of key takeaways and reflections from students.



“My overall experience of the San Francisco study tour can be described as an unbelievable and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” – Thomas McSweeney

study tour Giants fun

San Francisco Giants

“During our visit to the Giants I learned how truly competitive it is to work for a professional sports Franchise and the long road it could be to land at one. I also learned that even with success on the field the giants marketing team still has to constantly create new appealing marketing ploys to build the fan base and insure the park is packed every night. ” – Keegan Kinahan


PAC 12 Studios

“My favorite company on the tour was Pac-12 Studios. As a fanatic sports fan getting an inside tour of Pac-12 studious was an incredible learning experience. I also really enjoyed hearing about how Pac-12 network was born and all the obstacles they faced creating this unique network. It was also interesting to learn about Pac-12 Networks different mentality than other conference networks; they purely just want to showcase the top athletes in the world in every sport. Lastly I found it very intriguing that the 12 schools owned the network, creating an interesting dynamic where all 12 schools are equally represented.” – Keegan Kinahan

Samba TV Group Picture


“Visiting Samba TV added to the vital lesson of teamwork in the workplace. Healthy competition is fine, but at the end of the day, one needs colleagues who are ready to work together while embracing each other’s ideas with constructive criticism. Yet, also be a friend who they would want to have a barbeque with on the weekend. This value lends itself to a positive and productive work environment. Overall, Samba TV was a wonderful company to visit and is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.” Grace Lang


Alumni Mixer

“The Alumni Mixer was definitely a huge highlight for me on the Study Tour. I definitely used the fact that I was a freshman to my advantage during the mixer. I would ask questions like “What clubs did you get involved in?” or “What do you think was the best thing you did during your time at Eller that really prepared you for your job?” or “Did you study abroad?” and since I have three years left at U of A I have plenty of time to act on their advice. Aside from the professional business talk, I also got to talk about what really happens when you graduate. Each alumni was so willing to be honest about how it’s not always “fun” having your first job and that your first job might not be your “dream job.” – Olivia Romano

“The Alumni Mixer was a combination of excitement and nervousness all jumbled into one for myself. This networking event gave us the chance to mingle with other fellow Wildcats to make connections early on. I was able to gain knowledge of how these successful alumni got their start and took into consideration the tips and tricks they enlightened me with. What I took away most from this event is that having, “Graduated from the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management” on my resume means something in both the business and social world. This unique phrase instantly bonds all who share it together.” – Symone Ziemba