San Francisco Study Tour: Inside Look, Part 3

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Each spring, the Professional Development Center presents a unique opportunity for students in the Eller College of Management to visit a variety of companies and meet professionals living and working in a major city. This past spring break, participants toured San Franciso, and visited 15 companies. The following is Part 3 (of 3) of an Inside Look into the tour including a selection of key takeaways and reflections from students.

“I learned that LinkedIn is the key to success. Through it, I can stay connected with no stress.”- Lacy Cain



Zenefits offers HR cloud-based software that manages all HR online, which includes payroll, benefits, and compliance, all in one online dashboard. “One of the biggest lessons I learned was how important it is to leverage your strengths and work collaboratively. Marcelo, one of the engineers shared with us how some team members are builders and others are executioners. This resonated with me because I’m interested in working in building project infrastructure as part of my career.” – Jeanette Alcaraz

Gap1GAP, Inc

“Gap Inc. is currently trying new tactics to improve their overall company including taking some time away from having a summer internship program so that they can ensure that they are running the best possible program. They are also working on being “clean and green”. Some ways they plan on doing this includes reducing how many truck shipments they have and trying to reduce the use to plastic bags in their store by using the incentive of 10% off if the customer brings their own bags. While at GAP Inc. I learned that I am actually very interested in the world of retail. I also learned that a lot more goes into a successful clothing line than simply designing the clothes and putting them into stores.” – Kassidy Staren



“I was amazed at how big of a corporation Salesforce is in the business world. They are a leading American cloud-computing company that focuses on database management. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco and occupy an array of buildings with amazing architecture. Some of their competitors include Oracle, Mircrosoft, and SAP. I really enjoyed this company because as a MIS major, I found everything about this company very interesting. Salesforce definitely has a company culture that I can see myself part of one day. Salesforce has many different components that range from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Data Cloud just to name a few.” – Andrew Hom

IBM Alum & IBM Exec's


“There are 6 main products that IBM is focusing on right now: analytics, cognitive, security, business solutions, mobile and social, and IT infrastructure. Their largest project they are working on is a program called Watson. It is a cognitive program being used in any app imaginable. It uses the formation, order and understanding of vocab combined with human emotional knowledge to actually predict cognitive behavior in humans. It can use things like a LinkedIn profile to determine characteristics in someone… I learned a great deal of knowledge about the tech world, the new things to come and how these advances are bettering human life and interaction every day. I also learned I could really see myself working for IBM or a similar company in the future.” – Anna Vaughan