Aidee Campuzano

Alumni Spotlight- Aidee Campuzano, Discover Financial Services

PDC Staff Alumni Stories

Aidee Campuzano is a 2016 Business Economics graduate working as a Marketing Associate at Discover Financial Services in Chicago, IL.

Why did you choose to work for Discover Financial Services?
I chose to work with Discover Financial Services for two reasons; the company culture and the marketing rotational program. Discover appreciates their employees and they constantly show it. If you’re not on a cruise with the company, you’re at a Cubs game, if you’re not at a Cubs game you’re being fed excessively in the office and unknowingly gaining the infamous Discover 15. Not only do the people you’re working with show constant support but they are continuously helping in any way that they can to help you grow professionally and personally. The people are incredible and I can’t even begin to describe how hard working and brilliant they are. Everyone from my marketing cohort to the CEO that eats lunch in the same room as everyone else every day is so approachable and I’m so happy to have met some of my best friends here. Second, having the chance to do a marketing rotational program will allow me to grow so much and see so many different aspects of marketing. Not only will I gain experience in different areas, but I’ll also learn more about what I like and don’t like within marketing.

Tell us about your job title and responsibilities:
Currently I am working on Discover’s network side (which is more of the B2B side of the company) and I am on the Ad/Brand team in Global Marketing. This is my first of four rotations and I am loving my job more than I would have ever imagined. I am getting so much experience in advertising in such a global aspect. A typical day involves a call with one of our many Diner’s Club International franchises, choosing card designs, providing marketing material for our franchises, and collaborating with our external marketing agencies to create new assets. It is so bizarre coming into the office and having calls with people anywhere from Croatia to Argentina and then later coming up with social media materials and discussing photography for our next marketing effort.

What do you enjoy most about working at Discover Financial Services?
This is the easiest question for me because I am such a huge fan of Discover’s culture. The people here are brilliant and the appreciation for them is shown strongly. We get ridiculously good benefits anywhere from access to work from home to five weeks paid time off. Work-life balance is something that is truly emphasized here which is important because it leaves us time to explore the awesome city that Chicago is. The office is constantly changing as there are constant renovations and efforts to make a pleasant work environment, such as our new city office in the merchandise mart and our renovated “open” work spaces at our HQ building. And lastly but most importantly, the people I work with are like family. I came to Chicago knowing no one, and I now live here with some of the smartest and most fun people I’ve ever met. I’ve gotten so close with my marketing rotational program cohort and we spend so much time together. What’s incredible is seeing how professional and hardworking they are in the office and how fun, supportive, and personable they are during at home too. I even feel like I have a Discover “mom” here in Chicago, our incredible program manager Jese! I know that if I were ever caught in a crisis these people would all be here for me, which made the transition of moving to a new city MUCH easier!