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Did you love your summer boss? Tell us why, and enter to win Eller gifts!

If you are like most Eller students, you spent this summer collecting resume items at an internship or other summer job. Often the caliber of this experience is affected by your boss at that job.

At Eller we like to recognize strong leaders, and we want to hear from you, did you “love your boss?” What did you learn from him or her that you will take with you through the remainder of your college career and beyond?

Nominate your boss for a “Love Your Boss” award, and be entered to win an Eller Swag bag for you AND your boss! We’ll notify your boss that you nominated him/her, and thank them for helping you have a good summer experience.

Use the Rafflecoptor entry below and be sure to leave a comment on this blog post and share with us what you learned from your boss.

Nominations close at 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 11 – so don’t delay!

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Example entry:
“This past summer I interned as a marketing intern with SAP in Houston, TX. SAP is a multinational company that creates enterprise software to help companies run their business. I worked for eight weeks and had to opportunity to work with Jennifer Larson. Jennifer, being my boss, was extremely patient with me in regard to learning some company information and also provided so many opportunities for me to capitalize on. She was absolutely fantastic and this summer internship was one of the most if not the most memorable and educationally rewarding. I got my first taste of the workplace this summer and I realized how important networking and lingering relationships are. I want to say thank you to my boss Jen, and also… RUN SAP!”
Joseph Calzolari, 2014 Intern at SAP

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  1. This past summer I interned in business operations at the Biomedical Zone in Toronto, ON. The Biomedical Zone is the only physician-led, hospital-based, health-tech incubator in Canada. As the company is just under a year old, I had many tasks to complete while at the internship. My supervisor, Brigitte, was amazing. She knows a lot about the industry and was always available to answer questions or chat. Although she was supervising me, many times I felt like I worked alongside her as she was always looking to be very involved in all my tasks. This allowed my to get a better understanding and gain more experience in the field of operations as I was able to learn a lot directly from her. My incredible experience in Toronto and with Brigitte has given me the desire to add OM as a double major to my MIS degree.

  2. Over the summer, I worked in the office at Gordy’s Marine on Lake Geneva in Fontana, Wisconsin. I was in charge of customer service, answering phone calls, making boat rental and ski school reservations, renting out equipment, and opening and closing the Marina for the day. This business is a family run business that was started in 1955. Since 1955, the company has expanded from not only a lake front marina doing boat rentals, but they also have a restaurant, pro shop, service and storage center, ski school program, and a sales office where they sell boats. In 2015, Gordy’s Marine was number one in boat sales in all of North America! This is an unbelievable statistic seeing as the Marina is located in a town with a population of only 1,692 people. This is a very successful business that has grown immensely over the past 55 years. After working there this summer and seeing the ins and outs of the business, I am now wanting to take part in the Entrepreneurship program at Eller in the future. Starting my own business was always something I have dreamed of doing but was too scared of the risk that came along with it. After seeing how successful Gordy’s is after working within the company has really altered my views on Entrepreneurship and has shown me to always work hard and follow my dreams.

  3. I worked at a local Library in my community, the experience was absolutely amazing. I was taught in different departments from the circulation desk, reference material to cataloging books. It gave me a clear understanding of what it is like to work in a fast paced environment. It was a challenge but my supervisor gave me tools that made it simple. She gave me tons of information that will help me through my journey as a Librarian. I’m very grateful to have had this experience with friendly and open staff and a wonderful supervisor that coach me all the way through.

  4. This summer I started my job at the UA Admissions Office as a Telecounselor, in charge of managing different CRM (customer relation management) systems to better assist prospective and current students. I had to learn several different systems and was “thrown” into the water, so to say, but my boss, Kayla Harvey, always helped me out when I was put in a particularly tough situation. I quickly learned under her wing how to manage these systems and become a wiz at customer service. Kayla taught me how to handle high-pressure calls and smoothly manage tough situations. I have really come to value these skills and know they will extend to other jobs, and am really grateful for the skills she has taught me.

  5. The summer of 2016 was when I first got to experience the field I want to work in. I worked in the largest wealth management firm in India, and obviously, I was petrified. I walked into this gigantic office on my first day of work and was extremely intimidating by looking at how old everyone was. However, within minutes, it all changed. I was introduced to my new boss, who then introduced me to everyone else. Out of all the internships that I have been a part of, I believe that this was my most fun filled experience. Although the work that was assigned to me was extremely tiresome and hectic, my boss’ support just encouraged me to work harder. She is by far the sweetest people I have worked with and I really want to thank her for an amazing summer!

  6. This summer I interned at Datalink in the Consulting Services division as an Operations Intern. My manager, Julie Goldklang, is one of the Datalink team members that recruited me for the position. Having a previous working relationship allowed us to have increased comfort and familiarity with each other’s working styles. Julie was always willing to put me in contact with her colleagues so I could learn from experts in different subject matters while growing my professional network. I learned from Julie that working remotely requires regular communication and check-in points. This helps you feel apart of the company and keeps you on track to complete deliverables.

    -Rebecca Paul, Summer 2016 Operations Intern at Datalink

  7. This past summer I interned in the marketing department at Synergy Global Housing. I reported to Jennifer Sodikoff, the marketing manager. Jen was amazing and helped me get a much better understanding of the industry and taught me not just how to do things but why we did them. Jen was extremely patient with me, and always made sure she wasn’t giving me more than I could handle. Her constant guidance and checking in made overwhelming tasks so much more do-able. Aside from being a great boss in regards to work, I learned a lot from Jen about life. She went to U of A and graduated from Eller and was able to give me such a great insight on how to get into Eller, and other advice about college in general. She was a fantastic resource and blessing to come across! I am so thankful for my opportunities with Synergy and Jen.

  8. This past summer I had a part time job/internship with a local accountant in my hometown, Prescott, AZ. I worked under one CPA, Lori, for two months. Lori mostly deals with helping small businesses with their accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll. She gave me hands on work with several companies in all of these areas. This was my first job in the field of my desired career path and Lori was a tremendous help in teaching me the basics of accounting and finance. She was always patient and clear when giving me instructions, and was also willing to challenge me and teach me to balance multiple tasks efficiently. Thanks to Lori I was able to see what the everyday tasks of an accountant are and because of my experience and I will be able to better understand my career goals.
    Thanks Lori and Chuck Martin CPA!

  9. This summer I was a Small Business Sales Intern with ADP in their brand new office here in Tucson. For those who don`t know, ADP is one of the biggest providers of comprehensive payroll services and human resources management solutions. While there, I had the opportunity to work under Taylor Anderson. Taylor was always cheerful and motivational, he also gave Small Business Sales Interns the tools and the opportunity to actually sell to existing clients and to search for new possible business. This hands on experience was and is very valuable to me since I want to do sales when I graduate. Also, the atmosphere of the office was always cheerful and it seemed that everybody was happy to be there, making this internship one to remember with delight.

  10. This past summer and year, I have been working at Lizard Thicket Boutique. This is a brand new boutique to Mesa Arizona run by an amazing woman. Barb Freund, (owner of Lizard Thicket Dana Park), is a very talented role model whom I looked up to while working there. She gave me the greatest opportunity to become a key holder or “shift lead” at her store. I had only been working for about a couple months when she asked me to lead and take on some more responsibilities. With this amazing opportunity, I was able to grow as a leader and as a business woman. Under her guidance, I learned not only how to work with the other employees, but also how to lead them. Now being a freshman at the U of A, I know I want to major in Business Management. Because of Barb, I already have a business background and leading skills that will help tremendously throughout my career at the U of A, and after graduation. With being a key holder, I learned more about the details behind the retail business, customer service, and leadership roles. I am so grateful to have had an amazing first job, and an even more amazing first boss. Barb Freund made a job, more than just a job. It was a fun learning experience that I enjoyed every minute of.

  11. This summer, I got the opportunity to work in London, England with a company called Secret Cinema. . With hopes to work with marketing in the film entertainment industry, I’m confident that I made the right choice. With background in short film festivals, production, and live events, Secret Cinema creates an experience for individuals like no other. My supervisor, Guillaume, was so kind to me on my first day and throughout my summer. He gave me the opportunity to work within the field I desired, getting experience from left and right. Specifically, this summer, the company put on its seasonal event based on the film Dirty Dancing where the audience members purchase tickets to come enjoy a film screening where it comes to life. I was able to assist in the production of the event alongside a team to make it a reality. I appreciate Guillaume as my supervisor because he was open minded, interactive, and friendly throughout my experience. Most importantly, he and CEO Fabien put faith into an international intern such as myself, and I am so incredibly thankful for that!

  12. Over the summer I was a marketing syndication intern at Refinery29 in New York City. Refinery29 is a thought provoking website that caters to the every woman. I worked there at refinery for ten weeks over the summer. During my time there I had the most amazing boss Gabriel. Gabriel was always patient, accommodating, and willing to help me learn. He was always there to help me reach my goals he also allowed me to be creative and learn about many tasks his team does. He was an incredible boss it was one of the most unforgettable and educational experiences I’ve ever had. This was my first time in real job in a big city and Gabriel made the transition so much easier.

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