Czarniak at Nike

Internship Spotlight – Samantha Czarniak, Nike

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Samantha Czarniak is a Finance major and member of the Tennis team. This past summer she interned at Nike World Headquarters. This post was originally printed in Wildcat Wednesday. 

What department did you work in and what were your responsibilities?

I worked with Nike’s tennis department as a sales analyst. I did weekly sales reports, organized data and sales information, and worked throughout the summer on market mapping for FY’ 18-20. I forecasted sales for the next three years across all their geos (North America, Central and Eastern Europe, Greater China, Japan, Western Europe, and Emerging Markets) to help the team understand where the products were selling and where future trends were.

What transferable skills did you use?

The transferable skills I used were definitely communication skills and time management. Working for a matrix organization where various departments (merchandising, sales, finance, marketing) work together definitely required me to communicate with many different people. In addition, we were assigned different daily tasks and projects and were part of many meetings which required time management skills.

What was your biggest success?

My biggest success was getting to present my intern combine project to Phil Knight (co-founder of Nike). In the last week of our internship, we presented our project to judges and most of our managers, and the top three teams got to present the following week to Phil Knight. It was an honor to be able to present my project in front of very successful business people and I got to not only present to Phil Knight, but also meet and talk to him in person! It was a very rewarding week!

What did you learn professionally and personally?

I learned the importance of being a sponge – retaining and learning the most you can from everyone that works with you or in the company. I also learned the importance of always having a positive attitude and being open to helping and doing more than what is required. I think I learned about the business side of a company, but the most important thing I got out of my internship is to always be willing to help and give back.