Andrew Hall

Internship Spotlight– Andrew Hall, Bitner & Collings, PLLC

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Andrew Hall is studying Accounting and interned with Bitner & Collings, PLLC as an accountant staff.

How you landed the internship? With previous experience in the accounting field, I knew that a lot of accounting firms look for part-time staff during tax season (January-April). I came to the PDC and discussed my interest with the staff, who helped me refine my resume and explore opportunities available for me in the Tucson area while a first-semester Eller student. By going above and beyond during the busy tax season, I was offered the opportunity to be brought on full-time during the summer in the firm’s Audit and Assurance operations.

A typical day in the internship? My firm specialized in the audits of Non-Profit entities, with further emphasis on Health Centers. As such, there were many regulations and rules surrounding these entities, many of which are constantly changing and updating. A typical day in the office consisted of much research into these regulations, as well as deeply exploring the entity we were auditing. I would prepare work papers and reports, using a variety of accounting skills and software, to verify the accuracy of the financial statements. We would often travel to client sites to field test data, mostly verifying accounting and control practices, as well as supporting documentation for transactions. A large part of my job was to read, research, and prepare audit proposal packets to be sent to potential clients, pitching our services.

Favorite Part? My favorite part of my experience was getting a hands-on working knowledge of the accounting practice. Learning these concepts in a classroom is a huge part of preparing for the accounting industry, but getting the opportunity to have hands-on application of these skills was an amazing bridge between the office and the classroom that I am extremely thankful for.

Advice for other students? Do not be afraid to network, and network a lot. Getting exposure and developing relationships are some of the most important skills any business professional can acquire. Additionally, go into every opportunity willing and ready to learn, regardless of what it is. Everyone has something they can teach you, and showing that you are able and willing to listen and absorb information is a skill that stands out incredibly to potential colleagues and managers.

How Eller prepared me? As I worked closely with developing reports and presentations for clients and potential clients, the business communication course in first semester was one of the most influential classes I have ever had. As I worked closely with everyone from clients to partners to other audit staff, being able to effectively communicate was a major key to success.