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Internship Spotlight – Marta Villasenor, Ernst & Young

PDC Staff Student Stories

Marta Villasenor is an Accounting student graduating in December. She interned at Ernst & Young in San Diego, CA this summer.

Marta_VillasenorWhat is a typical day at your internship like? – A typical day during the internship mirrors a typical day for the Staff employees that I am working with. EY hits the ground running and provides you with an opportunity to really feel what it is like to participate in an audit. As an intern, I helped prepare actual workpapers that would be included in official reviews and audits for the client. Each day brought new challenges and highlighted different aspects of the job, while providing constant opportunities for conversation and feedback from current employees within the company.

What was your favorite part of the internship? My favorite aspect of the internship so far has been the people! You constantly here from recruiters that the people make all the difference, and I have gotten a chance to live that this summer. Whenever the work gets a little tiring, I am surrounded by uplifting people who provide the right amount of distraction and comedic relief just when I need it! Everybody at EY has been so kind and inviting, it has made this experience that much more enjoyable.

What advice you have for other students looking for a similar internship? If I could offer any advice to other students it would be to focus on your “people skills” just as much as your grades and school work. Eller goes above and beyond to provide constant opportunities to meet new contacts and network. While initially those events may be intimidating, the more comfortable you are in rooms like that, the more successful you will be!

How has Eller prepared you for your internship? It quickly becomes obvious how different the working world is from the academic world. The pace picks up, along with the expectations and deadlines. Despite those differences, Eller has prepared me to meet those expectations because of the work ethic I have developed as a student in this demanding, but rewarding, college.

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