Samantha Steadman- The Richards Group

Alumni Spotlight — Samantha Steadman, The Richards Group (Advertising Agency)

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Samantha Steadman studied marketing and now she works at The Richards Group as a digital strategist in Dallas, TX.

Why did you choose to work for The Richards Group? I have always wanted to get into the world of advertising and got my foot in the door with an internship the Summer of my Junior year at The Richards Group. Getting into a top ad agency is no walk in the park, and usually students are only accepted for internships if they have portfolios or went to an advertising based college. I was lucky enough to impress them with my marketing background, leadership skills, and presentation abilities…which I learned through Eller. 

 Tell us about your job responsibilities and title. I am a digital strategist, which is a fairly new role in the world of advertising. Common advertising it radio, TV, and print, but I work in the world of social media. Since advertising on social media is rather “foreign” to many clients, I have to create detailed briefs with strategies and statistics of how we should advertise for our client. I am also brand voices on Twitter. My brand voices include Dr Pepper Snapple brands (such as: Mott’s, Snapple, 7UP, Dr Pepper, and DPSG Corporate). After each quarter, I put together a detailed report about how effective our postings were and ways we can grow.

What do you enjoy most about working at The Richards Group? Working at an advertising firm is crazy. You have days where life is all rainbows, but then if the client is unhappy…life becomes very stressful. The TV show “Mad Men” had it all right. There is a lot of freedom in advertising, but this agency is very “sink or float”, so I have learned a lot just within the past 4 months.

What is your fondest Eller memory? My fondest Eller memory, I can now say, was just having classes with so many of my friends on a daily basis. I took that for granted, but now I miss all of my Eller colleagues and I hope they are all doing well.

What advice to you have for Eller students seeking a similar career path? Plain and simple: you need an internship. Not one single ad agency is going to hire you until they see what you can do. When I started working here in May, there were interns that were 30 years old trying to prove themselves with a background in advertising. It seems intimidating, but have confidence in your abilities, network like there is no tomorrow, and if you can…build a website or portfolio.