Spring Break Study Tour 2017

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The Professional Development Center presents a unique opportunity for students in the Eller College of Management to meet professionals living and working in major US Cities. The 2017 Spring Break Study Tour will be in Chicago, IL

Learn more at an information session on Nov. 1 or 2 at 5 p.m. in McClelland Hall 201A.

Last year, a group of 25 students visited San Francisco. Below is a glimpse into the tour. 



Companies visited: Cisco, Frank Rimerman + Co, Fisher Investments, Kiva, Twitter, Lyft, Cushman and Wakefield, San Francisco Giants, PAC 12 Studios, SAMBA TV, Zenefits, GAP, Inc, Salesforce, IBM and Bloomberg

golden gate

“My time in San Francisco was one that I will never forget. I learned a lot about the companies we visited and how much of a tech influx there really is in the bay area. I saw a different side of the city from all kinds of different heights. Only time will tell if my career with take me to San Francisco, but if it ever does I feel that I am a little more prepared and I will know what to expect now.” – Alanna Castro



“My favorite part of the Cisco visit was being able to see the latest products and services. As a student, imagining how the next generation of college students will be able to attend class and learn was eye-opening for me. Even watching the technology being used in a hospital setting was amazing. I learned about all this new up-and-coming innovative technology, and can’t wait to see how our future will be shaped by Cisco.” – Maddie Flynn


Frank, Rimerman + Co

“Frank, Rimerman +Co. provides services to help businesses reach their goals such as business tax, audits, and financial reporting, as well as outsourced accounting, controller, and CFO services. They also provide services to individuals to help them achieve lifetime financial goals by managing their assets with the highest level of expertise and personal service. Something that I found very interesting about this firm was that their internship was ranked number 1 by Vault! This proves just how amazing Frank, Rimerman + Co. is.” – Julia Dene



“Kiva was my favorite company by far because of their company culture and mission.  While we visited we met both the CFO and Founder of the company.  I loved how they were so down to Earth and I can absolutely see myself there.  San Francisco was truly a blast and I would recommend it to any business major of any age.” – Courtney McLean



“There are a ton of engineering roles offered at Twitter, but in business sector, they offer many functions in security, finance, marketing, PR, creative director, and management. I learned a lot about how important security is for a social media business, which I thought was intriguing. I’m most interested in marketing and PR, and I think they have a strong team that strives to keep their company in the forefront of the news, but hopefully for overwhelmingly good reasons.” – Hannah Shanken