Jennifer Muglia - Goldman Sachs

Internship Spotlight– Jennifer Muglia, Goldman Sachs

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Jennifer Muglia is studying Marketing and interned at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City.

Tell us a little bit about how you landed the internship. Goldman Sachs has a good relationship with Eller and UA. This played a big role in how I got this internship. They did on campus recruiting and hosted a lot of networking events with the recruiters. It is very important to attend these events and build relationships with the recruiters to differentiate yourself from the other students applying.

What was your favorite part of the internshipMy favorite part of my internship with Goldman Sachs was being at the center of the Financial Industry when Brexit happened. I was able to follow the news and see this real world issue affecting my daily work flow and the work flow of my teammates around me.

What advice you have for other students looking for a similar internship? The advice I would give other students looking for a similar internship is to be as involved in Eller as you can. Getting connected within the Eller community is the best way to network other students, alumni, and faculty.

How did Eller prepare you for your internshipThe class within Eller that prepared me the most was BCOM 314, which is a required first semester class. All of my managers were blown away with the level of written and verbal communication that I had as an intern. I was able to use everything I learned in BCOM from writing a persuasive business email to professional presentation skills. This class helped me to set myself apart and confidently communicate with my coworkers.