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Internship Spotlight- Jennifer Schmidt, Altria

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Jennifer Schmidt is a Senior studying Marketing and Global Business. She interned with Altria last summer in Phoenix, AZ.

What did you do as an intern? I collaborated with 50 retail managers where I consulted them on how to improve their business, analyzed my geographical region & provided recommendations to our company on how to better service these consumers. Lastly, I worked on a team for Circle K that provided solutions that had potential to save Circle K Arizona over $2 million.

What was your favorite part of the internship? I love the mentoring and feedback I received from my supervisors and mentors over the course of the summer. This feedback helped develop me personally and professionally, allowing for a complete transformation.

What is your favorite part about the company? The people for sure! Everyone at Altria genuinely cares about their coworkers, business partners, and frankly anybody they meet. They are the most talented, intelligent, and caring individuals I’ve had the opportunity to work with.