Thanksgiving Networking Challenge – Take the challenge and enter to win an Eller Polo & Swag Bag!

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Are you up to the challenge? At the Professional Development Center, we challenge you to network with 1 – 3 people over Thanksgiving break and tell us about it in the comments below. Three random comments will be selected to win an Eller Polo & Swag Bag. Contest ends midnight on Sunday, Dec. 4.

3 Easy Steps to Networking While Home 
Thanksgiving and winter breaks are, no doubt, a great time to spend with family and friends, catch up on sleep, and take a relaxing break from the chaos of school. However, the holidays can also present valuable opportunities to get ahead in the career search process. Below are a few tips that you can do to take advantage of your time at home for Thanksgiving break:

  1. At the dinner table talk to your family about your career goals. Ask your parents and cousins or aunts and uncles about their career paths. Maybe you didn’t even realize your aunt works for a Big 4 accounting firm, or has a good friend in the entertainment industry.
  2. As you meet up with friends back home, talk about your career goals and upcoming internships. Maybe they (or their parents) have a connection.
  3. From the comfort of your computer – Thanksgiving is a great time to send greeting cards or emails to contacts in your network. The messages can mention some of the things you’ve been doing while in college and academic achievements that could lead to potential internship opportunities. While you’re at it, clean up your LinkedIn profile, and connect with your extended family.

Comment below for your chance to win an Eller Polo & Swag Bag! Tell us what you did to expand your network over Thanksgiving break. Contest ends midnight on Sunday, Dec. 4.

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  1. I am going to meet my friends in LA, and we plan to celebrate thanksgiving together! We greet each other, have fun with each other!

  2. Thanksgiving break I will be working at Loews Ventana Canyon for the brunch and the dinner session. With this, I am able to network through coworkers I do not normally see as well as guests that come to the hotel. The guests range from anywhere to classic businessmen, teachers, other students and so many more.

  3. Over Thanksgiving break I interviewed Troy Simmons, a family friend and the Vice President of Nationwide Retirement Institute. To get where he is now he studied Business Administration at Western Michigan University. Mr. Simmons has been with Nationwide for 5.5 years. He travels on average 3-5 days a week. As Vice President Mr. Simmons is a professional speaker that primarily speaks on retirement topics in the Western region. He differentiates Nationwide from their competitors and educates advisors about the latest retirement income planning trends. I definitely had a great opportunity by networking with a professional in my field of interest.

  4. Over Thanksgiving break my moms friend mentioned she knew someone at Charles Schwab, a company I just applied for, and set up a phone interview. I am now waiting for a second interview to be held in a couple weeks!

  5. Over the Thanksgiving break, I networked with some relatives that own a produce and they mentioned they knew an accountant from a larger transportation/produce company and would recommend me for an internship over the summer at that company. I also talked to the owner of the produce what are the duties of an accountant in that business and I am greatly interested and looking forward in working/interning for the produce transport industry in the near future.

  6. Over thanksgiving break I had the opportunity to network with 2 individuals through the sports industry. My first network opportunity was with Tom Theodorakis, an Associate Athletic Director of Development for the University of Arizona. Tom oversees annual giving, season ticket sales and donations. One of his most recent projects was reaching out to alumni about wanting to help fund the brand new C.A.T.S Academic Center on Enke Drive.

    I also reached out to an Assistant Business Manager at the University of Texas-Austin, Rob Novak, through phone. During my informational interview, I was able to learn about another side of collegiate sports relating more to funding travel trips with the student athletes and how to fund for events such as NCAA swim & dive and track & field championships. Rob also explained to me the importance of gaining valuable experience in the sports industry and the impact it can have once a student graduates.

    Both Tom and Rob gave me extremely valuable insight on the sports industry that definitely shaped them into the positions they are at today.

  7. Over thanksgiving break I talked with my Dad about possible careers within the MIS field. We discussed the importance of audits to insure specific processes within a company are being followed. He also stressed the importance of working and communicating effectively with a team. Overall a successful holiday break before heading into finals!

  8. Over Thanksgiving break I talked with a family friend that manages a technology company and asked about business aspects of the company and how marketing and supply chain management plays into running the company. She had great advice and lots of information about all the details of what I asked. She spoke of how efficiency is integral for any business that wishes to be continually successful and the importance of knowing technology in the fast growing business world.

  9. Over winter break I had the pleasure of sitting down with the CFO of Vizio. I had previously coached his kids in swimming and recently found him on LinkedIn. Working with a career coach here at UofA we put together an email asking if we could meet up over break. I had the opportunity to visit him in his office in Orange County where we discussed his role in the company and how he got to where he was. It was a very informative and beneficial meeting for me and we are currently discussing an internship opportunity for the summer which I am super excited about!

  10. Over Thanksgiving break I met with one of my family friends to talk about her company, Donor Network of Arizona. She gave me information on what it looks like to work there, possible jobs, and even told me about a possible internship this Summer.

  11. Over Thanksgiving break I spent some time reaching out to 2 of the contacts I have made over the past few years. It was a great time to let them now I was Thankful for the insight they have provided me with. One of the professionals had previously met with me to discuss Public Accounting and CPA advice and I had the opportunity to reach out to him asking for advice on my future. I am very thankful for the opportunities Eller has allowed me to experience.

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