The Scoop opening

The Scoop Ribbon Cutting

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The Scoop openingThe Scoop opening

Shamrock Farms (owned by our very favorite McClelland Family) opened The Scoop creamery in the Student Union on Wednesday, Nov. 2 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. Students and staff gathered to hear from Norm McClelland as he explained that his father was an Irish immigrant and he opened the dairy farm in 1922. Norm also shared stories of his time at the UA and he’s excited to open another “home” here on campus!

Shamrock Chief Marketing Manager, Anne McClelland, spotlighted the Eller community when she asked, “Does anyone go to Eller?” The group of students and staff cheered loudly to represent the college. After the ceremony, the doors were opened for a free scoop and a t-shirt.

Stop by The Scoop the next time you need an ice cream fix. Now serving ice cream scoops, protein shakes, hot/iced coffee and more.