Alli Vance

Alumni Spotlight– Alli Vance, Target

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Alli Vance studied Business Management and is currently working for Target.

Why did you choose to work for Target? I chose to work for Target because this company has the same values as I do. Giving back to the community is a huge focus and our teams have so much fun doing it! Development is important at every level. Not only has my own personal development been a focus professionally and personally but my team’s development is. I get to help people achieve their personal goals every day and I get to be very involved in the development of our team members. Target is a company that never stops growing. On top of enjoying what I do each and every day and the impact I get to make I also get paid very well to do so! Target pays for performance and I have been able to achieve my personal financial goals with the company.

Tell us about your job responsibilities and title. I started with Target as an Intern in 2011, since then I have been an Executive of Asset Protection, Executive Salefloor and Guest Experience, and now I am a Store Team Leader. As a Store Team Leader we lead a Store anywhere from 15million to 60million in the Tucson district. I am responsible for leading a successful store that is operational sound, with a happy team, and guest. My goal is to drive profitable sales each day and to develop the best team in retail.

What do you enjoy most about working at Target? I enjoy the development side of Target the most. I am currently our districts intern captain and it is so awesome to see our interns learn and grow. Watching them take careers with Target and become some of our top leaders is so exciting. Knowing I have helped them achieve some of their goals and have played a part in their development is so rewarding. Target truly values its team members and wants everyone to be their best.

What is your fondest Eller memory? Honestly I would say staying up late in the Atrium with my BNAD group and now best friend Jenna Oertle preparing for projects. We had such a great time together and I built a friendship for a lifetime. Those sandwiches from the food cart outside were SOOO good too!

What advice do you have for Eller students seeking a similar career path? My advice is to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can. Target looks for leaders not managers. Give yourself the opportunity to be a leader of a group, team, philanthropy project, or anything really. Take notes throughout your school career of those moments. It will help when you go to prep for interviews. Additionally, go to the career fairs and learn about all of the companies you are interested in. Make connections!