Jeremy Joseph- Fisher Investments

Alumni Spotlight– Jeremy Joseph, Fisher Investments

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Jeremy Joseph studied Business Economics and now works at Fisher Investments in the Portland Metro Area.

Why did you choose to work for Fisher Investments? Fisher is one of the largest independent Investment Advisers in the world and has a vision to get much bigger in the coming years. Our unique business model drives this vision and differentiates us from the industry at large. I wanted to work for a well established firm that provides the challenges and opportunities that accompany these prospects for future growth.

Tell us about your job responsibilities and title. As a Program Manager, I am a member of our sales management team. My chief responsibilities include overseeing the training and development programs of our 120+ inside salespeople.

What do you enjoy most about working at Fisher Investments? We are an independent and privately owned organization, which allows for big investment in our employees and the future evolution of the firm. This investment shows itself in employee benefits, training and professional development, and a vibrant work atmosphere and experience for those who are ready to be challenged and earn the opportunity.

What is your fondest Eller memory? The Business Communications case competition was one of my earliest opportunities to speak in front of a large audience. I developed foundational skills that have helped me in client facing communication and presentations across various divisions in my business.

What advice do you have for Eller students seeking a similar career path?

  • Do the research early to discover your options – time spent uncovering the most interesting possibilities to you can be time saved working in a role that doesn’t fit.
  • Commit to learning – the best strive to take on diverse challenges that help build new experiences and skillsets.
  • Gain knowledge and experience with internships and other types of employment while in school.
  • Identify something you are passionate about and be able to exhibit that passion to potential employers.