William Johnson- AT&T

Alumni Spotlight– William Johnson, AT&T

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

William Johnson studied MIS and is now working for AT&T as an Applicant Developer in the Bay Area, CA.

Tell us a little about how you landed this opportunity. I met a recruiter from AT&T at the career fair the summer before my junior year. After completing my internship at Honeywell that summer, I reached out to her and expressed my interest in working for the company. Multiple interviews later, I landed the position!

What is your favorite part of the position? My favorite part of the position is the interaction with my co-workers. We are all recent college grads and can relate on most issues. Liking who you work with is a big part of staying happy in your career.

What advice you have for other students looking for a similar position? Students interested in obtaining a developer or software engineer position should do the following things:

  1. Follow the A.B.C principle, which stands for Always Be Coding.
  2. Have a portfolio of projects that you can show a recruiter (GitHub, personal site, etc.)
  3. Participate in Hackathons if possible. (Hack Arizona is right on campus)

How did Eller prepare you for the career opportunity? Eller prepared me by giving me a well-rounded skillset and having numerous events focused on putting students in contact with companies. I benefited the most from attending Career Fairs and joining the Management Information Systems Association, which provided great leadership experience. Also, Nancy Roberts and Matt Hashim helped me a lot with career opportunities and growing as a student.