Network Initiative- ALPFA Symposium, Los Angeles

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

ALPFABeing part of the ALPFA symposium was a great experience to network with e-boards of a broad variety of chapters around California, Texas and Washington. Talking with other ALPFA members allowed us to think about new strategies, which could be implemented in our chapter, such as opening new e-board positions for fundraisers and volunteer work. This will allow us to bring in more money for new and innovative activities. We also met ALPFA’s founder, Gilberto Vazquez, and the president of ALPFA, David Pena to whom we had a friendly and informative conversation about future opportunities for our school and chapter.

The USC, which was the host university, did a good job at dedicating time to us and their students to prepare us before the career fair, with workshops for elevator pitch, resume preparation, and other key points to do before networking at the career fair. I believe this is a good idea that can be implemented with ALPFA and the Eller College of Management for the benefit of our fellow students.

I want to thank The Eller College of Management for supporting us and ALPFA to make this networking and remarkable experience possible.