Houston Texas

Externship Spotlight- Carly Voyles, Goodman Manufacturing

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Carly Voyles is graduating in May 2019 and she is currently a pre-business student. Over the winter break, she had an externship at Goodman Manufacturing in Houston, TX.

Why did you want to do this externship? I wanted to learn more about how a corporate business works and the various departments.

What did you do during this job shadow experience? I talked to professionals in every department and learned a lot about each of their jobs. I was able to ask any questions and have casual conversations with everyone I talked to. Everyone was super nice and helpful and allowed me to see what they did everyday.

What did you learn as a result of the externship? I learned what it took to get the various jobs and how their work schedules were day to day. I was able to see what I had do in order to obtain their jobs, like what major I should choose or if it was important to get an internship prior to working. It was a good experience because I was able to see how the things I was learning in school transitioned into a real world business setting.