Chicago Study Tour Part 2

Chicago Study Tour 2017 Part 2

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Each spring, the Professional Development Center presents a unique opportunity for students in the Eller College of Management to visit a variety of companies and meet professionals living and working in a major city. This past spring break, participants toured Chicago, Illinois.


Chicago Tour 2017


“If I were to get an internship in Discover it would be a foot in the door. I learned that most of the panel we spoke to during our visit got hired by Discover because most of them interned there. That is exciting because you get to experience the company culture, job, and the city all in one internship. If chosen to work for Discover, then some of the people standing next to you during your internship can potentially be a future co-worker.” – Natalie Meneses


Chicago Tour 2017CDW

“My colleagues and I enjoyed the opportunity to visit CDW. We learned new information about the company, and we were able to partake in the CDW atmosphere a little. Some of my colleagues and I applied for some internships with CDW as well. Overall, it was a great opportunity and an excellent experience.” – George Njock III


Chicago Tour 2017


“I would love to work for KPMG in a finance role because I thought it was a great work environment in every way. The study tour was very beneficial to me and I loved meeting a lot of new people that attend the university.” – Ryan Lountzis


Chicago Tour 2017


” After visiting Intersport’s Chicago office, I noticed they are constantly developing content that connects sports fans to current national events like March Madness in a more interactive way. They are currently working on a Brain Trivia Game Show which invites students from each Sweet 16 school to play against each other and answer questions based on pop culture, literature, history, and geography.” – Madeline Bachelier


Chicago Tour 2017


“After researching them and visiting their office, I found myself wanting to learn more about how to get involved in the consulting business. The versatility of work life and the people/industries I would get to work with would provide the optimal job for me and that is why Accenture ended up being my favorite company to visit.” – Tommy Mar




Chicago Tour 2017   Walgreens

“The thing I learned from the Walgreen company which interested me is their sales team. I am interested in sales field, and want to work in a sales team in the future. The sales teams in the Walgreen are cross-functional team, I like this team very much.” – Yujia Lou




“JLL marked our third visit of the Chicago trip. As the largest corporate real estate firm in the world, JLL prided itself on its many accolades. The panel primarily focused on quantitative data, spilling facts regarding the estate that JLL sells to consumers.” – Chad Stanger


Chicago Study Tour 2017McKinsey

“Mckinsey’s culture really made me like the company, most of their corporate values have met my values, so in the future if I have chance I would definitely consider this company as a priority.” – Ming Gao