Study Tour - Chicago

Chicago Study Tour 2017

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Each spring, the Professional Development Center presents a unique opportunity for students in the Eller College of Management to visit a variety of companies and meet professionals living and working in a major city. This past spring break, participants toured Chicago, Illinois.

CBS Radio Altitude

“This tour and information session allowed us to get an in-depth understanding of what the environment was really like. The Altitude Group’s core divisions are creative, strategy, and activation, which all focus on increasing engagement in local communities.” – Cheyenne Carolin





“Yelp could benefit businesses because it gives them another platform in which they could advertise themselves on. It gives consumers an honest perception of the business they are interested in. This could also really hurt some businesses because of the freedom that it gives its “yelpers” to say whatever they feel like.” – Julian Verduzco




Camp Groupon

Camp Groupon

“I learned that majority of their job consisted of phone calls with current and possible customers trying to get the business to team up with Groupon. Their favorite part about working at Groupon was the people. I am interested in more of the financial roles that Groupon has to offer, I am excited to hear that Groupon has a positive working environment and the opportunity to advance in the company.” – Madison McAnelly



“The company has over 100 products. Most are very common such as YouTube and Gmail. Google has over 70 offices in 50 different countries worldwide and we got to visit the office in Chicago. Each Google office is very unique and the Chicago office was no different.” – Brittany Fielden



“PepsiCo isn’t just focused on making money. In 2007 they presented what they call The Promise of PepsiCo. Through The Promise of PepsiCo is the Performance with Purpose program in which PepsiCo has committed to simultaneously improving their products, the planet, and people across the globe.” – Leslie Owen


Study Tour Chicago 2017Truck Club

“My favorite part about this company was the work space . It was very modern and trendy and the environment felt very young and vibrant. I liked Trunk Club because of the fun work-space and young culture of the company. I also am interested in fashion and think I would enjoy the work there.” – Zoe Crowdus


Study Tour Chicago 2017Clique Studios

“The company I was assigned for our Chicago study tour was Clique Studios  , a digital design company based in Chicago. It was an interesting visit for a couple of reasons.” – Alexis Escamilla



ADStudy Tour Chicago 2017P

“ADP is a company you could grow as an entrepreneur if you work hard and get noticed by others. Every company just had a company presentation and allowed us to ask questions, but ADP gave us the opportunity to network with the panel one on one. ” – Natalie Meneses