Greg Vogt

Student Spotlight: Greg Vogt, Eller Senior and Author

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Greg Vogt is currently a senior at the Eller College of Management double majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He recently wrote and published a creative nonfiction book, The Battle Against Yourself. After graduation, Greg plans to start his full-time job at PepsiCo and launch marketing efforts for his book.

About the book
This book takes you through my journey in life from childhood to my present days as a University of Arizona senior. This story is about overcoming adversity in all aspects of life. I wrote this book because I wanted to inspire high school students, college students, and young adults to learn how to take control of their decisions. I want them to learn from my mistakes, and depict how they can create and follow a path in life that will lead them to happiness, fulfillment, and success. This book will help readers identify what they are doing wrong in their life, and will show them perspective on how they can take action to change. I realized that I was my own worst enemy and was the one who sent my life tumbling to rock bottom. But when I learned to admit my faults and mistakes is when I began walking the path to happiness and prosperity.

What do you hope you readers will gain?
I hope my readers will gain perspective on what is important in life. I depict how I was my own worst enemy without even realizing it. Therefore, I want people to make sure they learn how to take control, rather than being their own worst enemy by allowing external factors and societal constructs define who they are. I also want to show that anything is possible, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. People can change their lives, find happiness and accomplish what they want as long as they take the steps to do so.

Tell us about the writing process

I first thought about writing a book in June of 2014. But I didn’t have the courage to actually act on it. I was afraid of the daunting time commitment, the possibility of publisher’s not accepting it, and judgment from my peers. Six months later, after a lot of research, growth of confidence and self-reflecting, I began to write my first words. From that point on, it took me thirteen months to actually finish the book in a Word document. I finished that in March of 2016. Later that month, I took my work into a local publisher in Tucson. The publisher outsourced it to a reviewer in New York who then analyzed whether the book is worth it or not for the publisher to take on. Fortunately, my publisher, Wheatmark, Inc., took on the project! From then on, it was constant editing, revising, proofreading, and further publishing services to create my book. This publishing process took over half a year. As a whole, from start to finish, writing and publishing this book took me 25 months. My book was published on February 3, 2017, and is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other major retailers.

Suggestions for other aspiring authors
For those of you interested in writing books, it is important to identify what you enjoy writing about, while also keeping your customer or target audience at first hand. You must identify your target market, and keep their interests and desires a priority. Carrying on, I advise you to not be scared to write, but also to realize you must be patient because it is a long process. Don’t be scared of failure. You’ll never know if you can do something until you try! So put your mind to it and do it. I suggest identifying a topic and genre you want to write about. Then, write a short paragraph about all the major stories or topics you want to discuss. Next, take those paragraphs and expand them so they become chapters. Once you finish your book, edit it yourself extensively before taking it to a publisher. Then, find the right publisher for you, and hope you get accepted! If not, do not give up. Go seek out the next publisher. When one door closes, another opens!

Next steps…
My next step with this book is to continue to get the word out to my audience. I plan to do so by online marketing, the creation of a website and blog, and public speaking. I am aiming for high schools, TED talks, clubs, organizations and much more. The next step in my career is going forward with my full-time job doing B2B sales with PepsiCo. Parallel to working for PepsiCo, I am planning on marketing my book, and writing more books about various topics and genres in the future! I am fascinated by the power of storytelling and want to continue to carry out that passion.