Internship Spotlight – Mikey Vazquez, Transwest Properties

PDC Staff Student Stories

Mikey VazquezMikey Vazquez is a Business Management student interning with Transwest Properties as an HR/Data and Operations Administrator.

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far

My favorite part of my internship has  been being able to apply what I have learned in Eller in real world scenarios. Whether it is presenting a new idea to hire ups during meetings, helping develop the marketing plan or entering a data in excel to make an analysis and generate a report for my bosses, everyday here at my internship I use some skill that I have learned in Eller.

What are some things you have learned?

During my time here at my internship I have learned how much of a difference someone can make on a business by simply speaking their mind by voicing their opinions and sharing their ideas. I have had several occasions working here where I have spoken up during meetings and made suggestions on improving a current or implementing a new idea that can help benefits operations.

I have also learned the value of being a team player and working hard, the wonderful people at Transwest are always very encouraging and compliment me on the work I am doing and this motivates me to continue to be productive. 

What advice you have for other students looking for a similar internship?

The advice I would give another student who is looking for a similar internship would be to not under estimate experience you can gain from interning at a local business. Transwest may not be a big name that is heavily pursued by students , this is true for most lesser known local businesses. However, I have learned so much from different functions of business by working here. Being a Data Operations Administrator allows me to work closely with the marketing team, while at the same time work with the operations team. I am able to not only plan and develop operations but also implement, evaluate, and improve them as well.   

How has Eller prepared you for your internship?

Eller has prepared me for this internship through the many group projects we are assigned and complete during our first semester of professional admittance. By completing those projects I learned how to effectively manage my time, multitask, and work in teams with different individuals. These are all skills that I use on a daily basis at my internship here at Transwest. While all of the classes I have taken in Eller have helped me in one way or another, Bcom 314 has definitely helped the most. Being able to effectively communicate in a professional manner will always be important in any business.    

Top Photo Credit: Paul O’Mara
Mikey Vazquez photo courtesy of Mikey Vazquez