Eller Social Media Club – Microsoft Trip

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

In April, the Eller Social Media Club was invited to Seattle, WA to tour Microsoft. The club was able to meet with Eller Alumni Ebitie Amughan who currently is a Technical Recruiter at Microsoft.

Below, students who attended this trip describe their experience touring Microsoft.

Asma Anoohi:

“The trip to Microsoft’s Redmond campus was an unforgettable one. Not only did we – the Eller Social Media Club – get to explore the complex, yet intriguing structure that is Microsoft, but we were also able to learn more about the company as a whole, the different fields in which it operates (including ones we didn’t know existed!) and the business’ culture and community.

One of my favorite parts was visiting the Social Media Command Center, and learning more about their day-to-day operations. It allowed us to gain an insight to how Microsoft as a company produces content for social media, and how they use the different platforms as marketing tools. Additionally, it gave us a peek into what happens “behind the scenes” which was a very special opportunity. I wish we could’ve explored more of Microsoft, but overall, it was an irreplaceable experience.”

Patrick Shaw:

It’s really hard for me to determine what one particular part of the trip was my favorite. I enjoyed getting to see the Microsoft campus and just how massive the company really is. On top of that my time at Microsoft has made me consider possibly working for the company after my graduation.

I for one expected a more intense environment in the social media command center. Instead, it was more laid back and quiet. I also learned that when interacting with customers on social media companies are very particular about who the will engage in conversations with.

Zachary Lipman:

In Seattle, I toured the Microsoft Headquarters and spoke with different recruiters at the company. In addition, we also got to speak with people in Microsoft’s Social Media Command Center and see the facility. My favorite part was being able to talk to different professionals at Microsoft and seeing what the atmosphere is like in the elite company. One of my significant take aways from the trip is that even if you don’t attend an ivy league or prestigious private school, with hard work you can still compete for positions at top-tier companies like Microsoft. Having the chance to visit Microsoft’s headquarters was a life-changing experience. I was able to network and learn about Microsoft, and also tour Seattle. Hopefully, soon I will be going back!

Helen Matz:

I got introduced to so many career paths when I visited Microsoft, that my mind was able to envision working for the Social Command Center out of college and eventually being a Consultant at the main headquarters of Microsoft. Also, going to downtown Seattle was also really intriguing. I loved the little shops, all the coffee I consumed, and especially the weather. My favorite part at Microsoft was learning about the different types of jobs at the Visitor Center as well as at the Social Command Center. I learned about the numerous types of opportunities, which lead to me thinking of endless possibilities where my career can take me.

My favorite part of going to downtown Seattle was getting to experience a different type of weather climate compared to Arizona, despite the wind making my hair go all over my face. However, I got to take an abundant amount of photos for Snap Chat. Well, I did that at Microsoft as well! Overall, I really liked how I got to know members of the Eller Social Media Club better and create memories that will be unforgettable.

Rachel Brady:

Visiting Microsoft was an amazing experience. I was introduced to a number of career paths that I had no idea were attainable as a Finance major. It made me feel much more comfortable with my major, especially since I don’t see myself pursuing a traditional finance job. Aside from learning about career opportunities, I enjoyed touring the campus, especially the research center and social media headquarters. Every room we entered was cooler than I could have imagined. Fruit Ninja and free lattes? Amazing! There isn’t one thing I would’ve changed, even walking in the wind and rain was a blast!