Internship Spotlight – Ben Harris, Honeywell

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Ben is studying Finance and is planning to graduate in May 2018. This summer he interned as a Finance Intern for Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona.

How did you land this internship?

I landed this internship through the UA Career Services website. Back when Wildcat Joblink was the official job board and campus interviewing system I was scanning potential internships positions for the 2017 summer. I ended up submitting my resume in January for Honeywell’s Accounting – Financial Analyst Intern position. At the end of February, I heard back from Honeywell’s hiring manager, interviewed that week, and got an offer the following week.

If you worked on a big project, please describe it.

A big part of the Honeywell internship that set them apart from other positions I’ve held is the fact that they let you work real issues facing the company. My main project focused on developing a predictive model to forecast Excess & Obsolescence reserve risk, which drives a substantial quarterly P&L fluctuation. Their original process gave limited visibility to future inventory reserve risk and a short time frame to mitigate the impact of the reserve.

Over the span of my internship, I identified and met with various process owners in controllership, ISC demand planning, material planners and leaders, and ISC operations to learn their current process, functional responsibilities, and failure modes. Next, I met with key stakeholders to identify what type of drivers and outputs they wanted to see in the predictive model. With all the information I gathered, I used trial and error to build a functional model that gave a four quarter E&O inventory reserve look ahead.   

My internship concluded with presenting the results of my final project to the Honeywell Aerospace’s Finance Leadership Team (FLT) and stating the “next steps” on how they could implement the predictive model moving forward.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

Structure. I think the favorite part of my experience at Honeywell was the structure they maintained throughout the entire 10-week internship.

From the start, they paired me up with a full-time employee who recently completed the internship to ensure a smooth introduction into the position. From there, I was paired with a finance manager who completed the same Future Finance Leaders program and worked in the area that my main project was focused on. This led to great conversations, feedback, and guidance throughout the entire internship. Outside of that, Honeywell had the interns participate in numerous site tours, speed networking events, and a volunteer day. All of which strengthened my professional skills, allowed me to expand my network, and gave me a much wider view of the organization, its culture, and business functions.  

What advice do you have for other students looking for a similar internship?

This advice applies to all students looking for an internship or full-time position. Take advantage of every opportunity you get. Make it a point to network, look over LinkedIn, send out emails to professionals in your field, and put in that extra effort. This is a favorite quote of mine that pertains to the career development process, “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” -Bill Bradley.