Internship Spotlight – Marissa Wareing, Charles Schwab

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Marissa is a Finance major graduating in December. This summer, Marissa worked as an RIA Intern for Charles Schwab in Phoenix, Arizona. 

How did you land this internship?

I landed this internship by meeting with my career coach, Katelyn, who had a flyer on the internship and thought it fit what I was looking for. I found the internship interesting and connected with a peer in Eller who had the internship last summer. He was able to guide me through the interview process and help me better understand the internship. After that, I had 3 phone interviews with Schwab answering behavior based questions and was offered the position.

What was a typical day like?

The internship was classroom based, so a typical day entailed listening to presentations from different departments within Schwab Adviser Services. We learned all of the different aspects of how Schwab acts as a custodian for Registered Independent Advisers. Through meeting people in all different areas we were able to network and develop a better understanding of what role in the financial services industry we are interested in pursuing.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the internship was networking. I was able to meet so many employees of Schwab and Registered Independent Advisers who were all very willing to help in any way that they could. It helped me narrow down what I am looking for in a career and provided me with a lot of advice that helped me improve my professional development skills.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?

Eller prepared me with many skills that were instrumental during my internship. Every Friday at Schwab we focused on professional development (public speaking, effective email communication, interview skills, resume writing, etc.). BCOM 314 and going through the professional admissions process at Eller provided me with many skills that gave me an advantage during the professional development workshops at Schwab.