Irie Sargent

Internship Spotlight – Irie Sargent, Bloomberg

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Irie is a Finance major graduating in May 2018. This summer, she interned at Bloomberg in San Francisco, CA as their Analytics and Sales intern. 

Irie SargentHow did you land this internship? During my Junior year, I didn’t know where I wanted to work but I knew that I wanted to work at a Finance company in San Francisco, where I’m originally from. In order to find internships, I used the “Job Search” feature on LinkedIn. I came across a Bloomberg internship and I read the description, which aligned with what I wanted to do. I then applied through LinkedIn and eventually interviewed with them.

The internship was split up into two parts: Analytics and Sales. The first five weeks was in analytics and we started at 8 am. All the Bloomberg offices have a free pantry with different kinds of food and snacks so all the interns would make their breakfast and wither get ready for training or project time. The first two weeks we were in training for the entire day and we learned tons about what Bloomberg does and what “Finance” is for all kinds of businesses and banks. During the internship, we were put into teams and completed several projects that helped Bloomberg in a number of ways. Presentation skills and team work were really stressed during our internship and Eller prepared me well. During the sales rotation, we got to speak with clients and go on visits to teach them how to use the Bloomberg terminal and make client relationships stronger.

What was your favorite part of the experience? Bloomberg trains their employees exceptionally well. There were other interns who had never learned about Finance and they left understanding capital markets and the variety of financial assets. Bloomberg also really takes care of their employees. We had a pantry with free food and they put on several social events in San Francisco for all of us to attend. The culture at Bloomberg is more laid back than a traditional finance job but everyone is still very motivated, competitive, and passionate about what they are doing every day.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship? Throughout the internship, I had several large projects that we had to present on. We were split up into teams and presented in front of upper management and other colleagues. Eller stresses team work and presentation skills so I was very prepared for all our different projects. Even though I was interning with other students from Cal and USC I felt confident because of all the practice I had in my Eller classes.