Maggie Beaver

Internship Spotlight – Maggie Beaver, Dallas Cowboys

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Maggie is a Business Management major graduating in May 2018. This summer, she had an internship with the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, TX as their Event Operations. For this internship, there were no housing or stipend accommodations. 

How did you land this internship? I’m honestly not sure, I had no connections to the Cowboys or even to anyone in the Dallas area but I applied for it and once I got an interview I did not let that opportunity pass up.  I found out about it on TeamWorkOnline and applied through that portal. I like to think that having both Eller and my Football Recruiting Internship with the team on my resume made me stand out. The process was an online application, a preliminary 5 minute phone call followed by a 90 minute Skype interview.  About 3 weeks went by after the interview and I assumed I would never hear back from them but they ended up calling with the offer!

It was a typical 9-5 job unless there was a big stadium event.  I would respond to emails, collect and disperse the Lost and Found, coordinated stadium events, check and update office inventory, etc. Lots of basic intern tasks like excel data input, printing and labeling, but I always had something to do. Oh and ESPN was always on every T.V. in the office.

What was your favorite part of the experience? My favorite part was working in AT&T Stadium every day.  It truly is the finest venue in the world and it was so cool being able to walk out onto the field anytime I wanted.  Also just being able to say, “I’m interning with the Dallas Cowboys” never got old and seeing people’s surprised reactions was entertaining. It is hard to pinpoint what my absolute favorite part was because every day was an adventure and I grew so much during my time there.

If you worked on a big project, please describe it below: I worked on the Gold Cup Semi-Final game which was a soccer game between the U.S. and Costa Rica. This was one of the bigger events I worked on during the summer, as there was about 45,000 people in attendance. I was in charge of making and dispersing the credential boards and stanchion signs, which there were a lot of.  I got to watch the game in the Owner’s Club which was a treat and the U.S. won too!

What did you find most challenging about your internship? The most challenging thing was the long, stressful hours I worked on event day. Most events I worked like concerts, games and camps ended up being about 15-17 hour days.  I had never worked longer than an 8 hour shift in my life so those long hours were tough to adjust to.  Event management was also recently found to be one of the top 10 most stressful jobs and I can attest to that.  The best way to describe event days was “controlled chaos” and “fake it til you make it”.