Andrew Boyd

Alumni Spotlight – Beyond Business: Andrew Boyd, United States Army

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Andrew was an Economics major who graduated in 2009. He now works for the United States Army as their Logistics Officer in Williamsburg, VA. 

Tell us about your job. I am in my eighth year as an active duty Army Officer. Specializing in Logistics, I have spent my entire career in Airborne and Special Operations units, sustaining tactical operations. A Logistics Officer in the Army ensures that the sustainment requirements of a unit are synchronized with available capabilities to ensure mission success.

What do you enjoy most about your job and/or company? I enjoy the global reach and impact of my job. The places we get to go and work we do are truly fulfilling. The Army has sent me to help build sustainable water facilities in the Middle East; parachute into Thailand with the Royal Thai Army; and train inside the Arctic Circle. The challenges and leadership opportunities are endless and extremely rewarding.

Why did you choose to work for your company? I am a third generation Army Officer (my grandfather was a UofA graduate and WWII Veteran) so I’ve always been drawn to the profession. When I joined the Army, I told myself that I would only stay in for as long as I enjoyed what I was doing.

What is your fondest Eller memory? The community! Being active in Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity, meant that walking into Eller for any reason was as much a social experience as it was academic. Having a built-in network of peers, advisors, and professors was a wonderful experience.

What advice do you have for Eller students seeking a similar career path (or in general)? I firmly believe there is no better place to gain instant leadership experience out of college than in the military. As an officer, you will be in charge of 30+ soldiers within a year of joining. That role will help you in whatever future you decide. Secondly, when you don’t have a P&L, there are some truly rewarding opportunities available to you. Government work, public service, and non-profits are excellent career paths to broaden horizons and expand the impact of your work.