Thanksgiving Networking Challenge – Take the challenge and enter to win an Eller Polo!

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Are you up to the challenge? At the Professional Development Center, we challenge you to network with someone over Thanksgiving break and tell us about it in the comments below. Three random comments will be selected to win an Eller Polo. Contest ends midnight on Sunday, Dec. 3.

3 Easy Steps to Networking Over Thanksgiving Break 
Thanksgiving and winter breaks are, no doubt, a great time to spend with family and friends, catch up on sleep, and take a relaxing break from the chaos of school. However, the holidays can also present valuable opportunities to get ahead in the career search process. Below are a few tips that you can do to take advantage of your time at home for Thanksgiving break:

  1. At the dinner table talk to your family about your career goals. Ask your parents and cousins or aunts and uncles about their career paths. Maybe you didn’t even realize your aunt works for a Big 4 accounting firm, or has a good friend in the entertainment industry.
  2. As you meet up with friends, talk about your career goals and upcoming internships. Maybe they (or their parents) have a connection.
  3. From the comfort of your computer – Thanksgiving is a great time to send greeting cards or emails to contacts in your network. The messages can mention some of the things you’ve been doing while in college and academic achievements that could lead to potential internship opportunities. It’s a great time to send a note of “thanks” to people who have helped you in life.

Comment below for your chance to win an Eller Polo! Tell us what you did to expand your network over Thanksgiving break. Contest ends midnight on Sunday, Dec. 3.

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  1. Over the break, I have reached out to connections on LinkedIn, as well as people I would like to be connected with based on their positions in companies I am interested. The responses I have received have given me confidence in approaching them in the future about possible employment and advice.

  2. Recently, I had the pleasure of networking with a consultant at Equity Methods. He introduced me to the company and the tools they use (including SAS!). I was excited to learn about the different opportunities that Equity Methods has to offer, and the potential paths for new hires.

  3. The day after Thanksgiving, I took the time to talk to some of my connections from Shapr to wish them happy holidays. I also extended an invitation to connect with a local entrepreneur for an externship in the Tucson area and am looking forward to working with them!

  4. Over this Thanksgiving break, I was able to network with a Forensic Accountant from Nationwide Insurance. I set up an informational phone interview and was able to receive some insight into what his lifestyle looked like and what it was like working in the insurance industry.

  5. During Thanksgiving break I had the pleasure of interviewing a woman who works for the security company Symantec. She told me a bit about the company, how the company runs, the different rankings within the company, how she got where she is, and a scope of some situations that could occur and how they handle it. I also interviewed someone with a major in Operations Management that has worked for insomniac entertainment and helped at festivals such as Camp Flog Gnaw and EDC,

  6. Over the break I had an informational interview with an Eller MIS alumni, Ebitie, who is a Technical Recruiter for Microsoft. I have been connected with her for a couple of months and she recently started her new position at Microsoft so I touched base with her and had an informational interview! Also on my plane ride back to Arizona, the person who sat next to me worked at Amazon and she gave me insight to what she does at Amazon as well as future contact information!

  7. Over the break I had an informational interview with an intern who is currently at Garmin for Computer Software Programming. The intern spoke about his skills on Computer Hardware Engineering and Software Programming background, as well as showing me his process on how he created “Pressed Pennies at Disneyland” App on the Google Play Store. His App launch with great reviews and over a thousand downloads. He took charge and created the future the ever dreamed of and he said it’s just getting started.

  8. Over Thanksgiving Break, I was able to expand my network by interviewing someone who has my dream job! I found her on LinkedIn and immediately connected with her as she is also from my home town. I definitely took a cold approach here, as I did not know her at all. She deals with Community Relations and the Marketing Street Team at Chicago Blackhawks. A piece of advice she gave me which opened my eyes was, “The most important skills and personality qualities for my job are being able to show my employer how I am better than every other person who’s out there that says they love sports and want to work for their favorite team.” This truly opened my eyes to how competitive it truly is to get a great job and that you have to start networking young. Her job definitely takes a lot of determination and motivation, but it sounds like something I would be very interested in pursuing.

  9. Over Thanksgiving Break, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to many different people from a field I have never really looked into in depth. I ended up catering for a large house owned by doctors. When I was working I ended up stopping and talking to an individual who was attending the party. He is an orthopedic doctor from a small town and he was extremely interested in my college career and my desire to save lives through business as a living. After talking for a short time I ended up getting his card and scheduling a time for us to talk longer and more in depth. When we sat down and talked we discussed what business major I should look into that best suit my desires with my career. He also helped me look at different companies I could look into more and possibly intern for in order for me to get good work experience. The conversation was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction when it comes to my major and preparing for my future more in-depth.

  10. I was spending time with my neighbors over Thanksgiving break and told them about how I changed my major to Management Information Systems. To my surprise, here oldest son works in that field. She talked to him and he offered to answer any questions I have and to job shadow him next time I am home!

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