Kelsey Hodge

Externship Spotlight – Kelsey Hodge, USAA

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Kelsey Hodge is a pre-business student graduating in 2020. This winter break, she had an externship with USAA in Phoenix, AZ. 

Why did you want to do this externship? I wanted to apply my education in a real-world and professional setting.

What did you do during this job shadow experience? Throughout my day I was given a tour of the USAA campus, and was told about the history and employee benefits USAA has to offer. I was shown Brad’s roles at USAA and the fundamental learnings of the insurance agency. I was able to shadow a total of 4 posi

What did you learn from the externship? I was able to learn about so many different roles that need to be fulfilled within a company and how important it is to take advantage of networking opportunities in order to get my foot in the door.