Startup Grind Global Conference – Drew Paden

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Drew Paden is an MIS major graduating in May. He recently attended the StartupGrind global conference.

I have been serving as a community manager for a blockchain startup called Olympus Labs for the past 5 months. Olympus Labs is based out of Singapore, and is developing a comprehensive financial ecosystem for cyrptocurrency investors to profit in any market condition.

Right now there is no way to properly manage your cryptocurrency portfolio in one place. One can use E-trade to track the market, invest, and manage your stocks, but nothing this comprehensive exists for cryptocurrency. Olympus Labs is developing an ecosystem of financial products and services to mitigate this problem. We are developing our own protocol to create crypto-based financial products such as indexes, lending products, and futures for portfolio managers. We are also integrating market tracking apps and decentralized exchanges into our app to eliminate friction for consumers. We completed our ICO in mid December and raised $35,000,000.

This past week I attended Startup Grind’s global conference for 2018 in Redwood City, CA. Startup Grind received over 7000 applications this year, and accepted only 130. Of those 130, Olympus Labs was selected as a top 50 startup.

It was a pleasure to help run our booth and explain to others what we are working on. I got to meet a 14 year old who is working on quantum computing, and it help me regain some hope for our generation. This was a wonderful week out of the classroom, and I would challenge everyone to work for a startup at least once in your life. It is one thing to be “taught” entrepreneurship in a classroom, but it is another to go out and experience it for yourself.