Achieve Balance

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Written by Brooke Hitchins

Dreaming of an island in the sun? The clock is ticking with just hours away before Spring Break, and I’m sure you either have plans for a beach vacation, a hiking adventure, an externship with the company of your dreams, or a really good book. The endless sunny days in Arizona makes it seem like Spring Break is all-year round.

Whether your ‘me-time’ is laying in the sun, walking your dog, snowboarding, or just enjoying some extra naps than usual, it’s important to keep yourself in check. One of the scariest parts about transitioning from college and into a career is the haunting idea that you will never get a chance to enjoy serenity. Let me remind you the importance of a work-life balance.

As a student of today’s generation, being connected through social media and technology has become increasingly difficult to separate work from a personal life. Checking that email right before bed, scrolling through Instagram during dinner, or taking that lunch break to catch up on the news feed can overwork your mind and cloud your creative thoughts. Is there a cure for this? YES. Unplug. Live life. It’s okay to break off from responsibilities to enjoy a holiday once in a while. Vacationing is good for the soul! Dedicate time each day doing the hobby that you love. Every day is a gift of time to allow you to grow and learn something new, and it doesn’t have to better your skills professionally. Personal growth is important and will actually support you in the long-run.

It’s a stressful time of the year for some students… the hunt for a summer internship or a full-time job has become creeped up on the upperclassmen at this time of the year. It’s crunch time! How do you land the interview? What company is best for you? When searching for the “best” place to work, research company culture. The culture of a company will reflect your attitudes and feelings toward the work you do and the company you do it for. My personal experience interning at Viacom last summer was a perfect example of work-life balance. My team strongly believed in the fulfilment of having fun while being productive. Taking a meeting from the conference room to a sushi bar can make all the difference. Be sure that your values align closely with the company you choose, and I guarantee your experience will be worthwhile.

That being said, enjoy your Spring Break because you deserve it! Be mindful of what you broadcast to the world through social media. Companies are monitoring their potential candidates throughout the recruitment process and even after. Employers want to see your personal stories and how they can connect with you on a social level rather than only on a professional level. One mistake can haunt you, so be responsible and smart. Consider your Instagram profile your brand that highlights your life and your successes. What you post on your social media reflects your values, so keep them positive and admirable.

From the Wildcat Country to wherever you spend your next week, have a happy and safe Spring Break!