ALPFA 2018 West Regional Student Symposium

Eller PDC Coordinator Clubs & Orgs, Student Stories

On March 3rd, 2018 eight of our members attended the ALPFA 2018 West Regional Student Symposium in Anaheim, California. The theme of event was Latino Millennials: Developing your Strategy to Succeed. We were warmly welcomed and received by companies and members for having driven more than eight hours to get to Anaheim, California as most of the attendees were from local Universities and companies.

The Symposium kicked off with a General Session of Featured Speakers: Diana P. Kelly: Regional Vice President of The Home Depot and Michael P. Bek: Principal and Management Consultant at KPMG LLP.

These were the major takeaways from their presentations:

Diana P. Kelly:

  • Persevere, Choose to Fight, and Be Strong
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • When We Fail: “I only have one person to blame, and that is me.”
  • During interviews: Do not say “If you hire me…”, instead say “As soon as I get placed in this position…”

Michael P. Bek:

  • Balance of Bravado and Humility
  • See What’s in Your Heart
  • Be a Sponge Inside and Outside the Classroom
  • Appreciate All Inside and Outside of Your Major
  • Leadership Through Service

After these incredible presentations, we had the choice to attend three sessions of professional workshops. Some that our members participated in include:

  • Empowering Finance and Business Intelligence via Automation and Computer Technology conducted by the CIA
  • RESILENCE: Producing Your Career in Hollywood conducted by Miguel Berg
  • Millennial Money Strategies for Success conducted by Louis Barajas
  • Leadership Skills to Survive and Excel Academically and Professionally conducted by Ruben Davila and Arthur Alba from USC

…Just to name a few!

These interactive presentations enabled us to connect with other ALPFA Student Chapters and Professional Chapter members who share the same passion and mission: To Empower Latino Leaders. In the evening, the Career Fair took place and our members interacted with companies who attended such as:

  • Deloitte
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Altria
  • Robert Half Company
  • PGIM: Global Investment Management

…And others!

Connecting Through ALPFA

Miguel Berg, filmmaker: We met Miguel at the Opening of the Symposium, where Daniel Eduardo invited him to sit with us in the front row of the auditorium. Mr. Berg is stationed in California and supports and manages the Warner Bros. Television Workshop, administers Scripter Development at Stage 13, and is the CEO and President of Bravoecho Entertainment. He connected with all our members through LinkedIn, inspired and educated us on the Entertainment industry. It was truly a pleasure to meet Miguel!


Student Chapters: Our members networked with students from Universities who attended and discussed what ALPFA has done and helped them with, these are some points that were mentioned:

  • Extended Internships Opportunities
  • Available Leadership Roles and Volunteer Work
  • Recognition from Companies All Over The United States

Ruben Davila, USC Accounting Professor: Mr. Davila conducted the Leadership Skills to Survive and Excel Academically and Professionally workshop along with Mr. Alba. He is a forensic accountant who previously served in business litigation matters including: embezzlement, fraudulent financial reporting, business valuation, and more. He is currently the USC Marshall School of Business Clinical Accounting Professor and is incredibly humble, we were very grateful for his attendance, time, and advice.

Mr. Davila encouraged us to “Aspire to the very top!”

Daniela Blanco made a great connection with him as she is an aspiring corporate lawyer and are both law enthusiasts. They exchanged emails and look forward to keeping in touch!

Louis Barajas, Author and Businessman: Mr. Barajas led the Millennial Money Strategies for Success workshop. He is one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Business Managers of 2017 and advises some of the most iconic Latino music artists. His Latino pride was displayed in every life lesson he learned and shared with us throughout his presentation in family and work situations.

In his workshop he shared his Four Pillar Money Strategies:

  • Truth
  • Awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Courage

Mr. Barajas was kind enough to gift Daniel Eduardo with his new book titled “The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness” and share the same interest in working with Latino music artists.