Delta Sigma Pi Western LEAD Provincial Conference San Diego, CA

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Spring Break for 32 active members of Delta Sigma Pi and 10 pledges began with attending the two-day Western LEAD Provincial Conference in San Diego. This conference included Delta Sigma Pi chapters from Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. Attendees benefited from several professional development workshops as well as networking with other brothers. The most memorable aspects of this conference are our president Reena being recognized with an award and two workshops we attended.

 Our President – Regional Collegian of the Year

Delta Sigma Pi recognized our chapter president, Reena Puri as the Regional Collegian of the Year at the Dinner & Awards event. This award is presented annually to one outstanding collegiate member in the Desert Mountain Region who exemplify the values and ideals of the Fraternity. It acknowledges their contributions, achievements, participation, and personal character. The Regional Collegian of the Year Award is one of the highest honors Delta Sigma Pi can give to one of its collegiate members. Reena was also selected by the national fraternity to give a speech on fundraising based on her record amount of fundraising for the fraternity. Reena has done an outstanding job during her term as President. She has devoted numerous hours to better the fraternity through professional development, community involvement and much more. Our chapter is pleased to have such an outstanding and committed leader. We congratulate Reena on this remarkable achievement.

 Memorable Workshops


How to Manage Stress by Saying No

 How to Manage Stress by Saying No was facilitated by Tricia Smith, our Grand President. It focused on an issue many students face when they balance extracurricular involvements and strict academic schedules. Some students may find it hard to say no when someone asks for help. During this workshop, we focused on learning how to avoid personal over‐commitment, recommit to following through on their leadership and task commitments, understanding that it is okay to occasionally say “no” and ways to assertively and professionally say “no.” The key take away was how to say no. It is important when saying no to be honest, explain why you can’t take on another commitment and offer solutions. This allows others to understand that their request was taken into consideration and that they have options even though you cannot help them directly.

How to be Less Awkward and Communicate Like a Pro

Antonio Neves, a nationally recognized keynote speaker, author and award-winning journalist, former television correspondent, and former NCAA Division I student-athlete facilitated this workshop. Based on his career experience, Antonio shared with our members how to communicate like a “pro”. He began the workshop with the 3 Levels of Listening. Level 1 occurs when the listener takes every chance to make the conversation about them. Level 2 is when the listener makes the conversation all about the speaker and diverts from the main message. Level 3 listening is when the speaker strikes a balance between inquiring more about the speaker, touching on past similar experiences and not diverting from the main message. Level 3 listening is what everyone should strive to achieve to be effective communicators. Antonio also addressed effective body language. His key message was to make eye contact, subtle gestures and not get distracted. We enjoyed his fun and interactive session and will implement these principles and tactics in future interviews and collaborative sessions.

 Fundraising: From Corporate Sponsorships to Merchandise Sales

 This workshop on fundraising was taught by the President of the University of Arizona Delta Sigma Pi chapter, Reena Puri, and a member of the Northern Arizona University Delta Sigma Pi chapter, Breanna Hushaw. Through the use of corporate sponsorships with over 5 companies, the University of Arizona Delta Sigma Pi chapter has been able to raise over $10,000 this school year to direct towards sending brothers to regional, provincial, and national leadership conferences as well as donations to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation that provides scholarships to brothers around the nation. By teaching other chapters how to create sponsorship packets and sponsorship tiers, they can take this same practice back to their chapters to help them increase engagement at the same conferences. This knowledge can also help them fundraise to put on stronger events at their chapters. Breanna taught the other part of the workshop and provided information on how to use merchandise as a fundraising tool.