Eller Social Innovation Certificate

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

The Eller Social Innovation Certificate (ESI) is an Eller initiative that provides information, people, partnerships, resources, and tools to Southern Arizona social change makers while fostering skill development and civic responsibility in UA students. Britnae’ Lee is a Business Management senior who has earned her ESI Certificate.

Why did you decide to sign up for the Eller Social Innovation Certificate?

I signed up for the Eller Social Innovation Certificate because I want to be associated with making a social impact in the Eller community. I believe this certificate encompasses the aspects of affecting positive social impact and learning how to make our community a better place.

What classes did you choose?

MGMT 380: Management of Effective Nonprofit Organizations

MGMT 381 now called MGMT 475 Topics Course: Event, Volunteer, and Non-Profit Management

BNAD 455: Small Business Development and Consulting

Can you share anything about your experience in the classes, and how you hope to apply it in the future?

These classes prepare students on how to handle real world business situations in an effective and efficient way. The classes were all direct hands-on work with non and for-profit organizations. In the future, I will be prepared by having actual experience with solving business problems and effectively communicating with a team.

Please tell us about your experience in the Make a Difference Day course.

I was in MGMT 381 (now MGMT 475), where we were tasked with planning and organizing Eller Make a Difference Day. This class was very hands-on, engaging and exciting! We were placed into groups that each had different and various responsibilities, while groups had to communicate with each other to complete each project. The objective was to match over 900 students with service opportunities in the community. We set goals of how many volunteers and engagements we needed to create a successful and productive day. Goal setting was one of my favorite aspects of the class because if gave the students the motivation and drive to achieve the goals. Every day in the class was something different in getting ready for the big day. Pam Perry was a fantastic instructor and kept the class engaged and dedicated throughout if I was given the option to take the class again, I absolutely would!