Integrity and Social Responsibility

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Written by: Kat Luher

In today’s ever-changing society, the business world has been put to the test within terms of integrity and principles. The right decision is not always the easiest nor the most popular. So how can we, as emerging business leaders of the future, stay true to Karl Eller’s famous quote “Integrity is all you’ve got”?

The answer to this question is Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR is the corporate initiative to improve environmental and social practices. These activities can range from implementing renewable energy to power an office building to donating time to a company sponsored charity.

When I began my collegiate career, I was unaware of the career options offered by the business world. Having always held a passion for giving back to the community and altruism, I considered a career in the non-profit industry. However, I knew that this career path would not fulfill my drive to be involved in the corporate business world. I first learned about Corporate Social Responsibility in the second semester of my freshman year and immediately knew this was my future path.

I am excited to work in an industry that measures success through the impact of its positive influence. I have already begun to surround myself with likeminded individuals at Eller through participating in the Consulting Business Communications class. Acting as business consultants, we developed a full business plan to improve a nonprofit’s organizational issues. After a challenging first semester, nothing was more rewarding than the smiles on our client’s faces. This moment solidified my passion for CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility acts a competitive advantage when recruiting top talent from Eller. Full of zeal, Eller students are passionate to make a difference in the business world. Even if integrity is all we’ve got, we are still the most successful business students out there.