The Eller Social Media Club Tours Companies in California

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The Eller Social Media Club was provided with an incredible experience in March, thanks to FESO funding and the unbelievable work of Javier Smith. We flew to San Jose and spent a full day visiting 3 companies: 3Q Digital, Google, and LinkedIn.


A few points we learned on this trip are listed below:

3Q Digital Media has a pioneering approach to an ever-changing media landscape. They focus on specific goals, by creating a strategy that covers every channel, from best-in-class SEM and paid media, to SEO and display. We learned about the importance of being heavy on strategy and analytics at a marketing firm. It is also important to have a 21st century culture, with open work environment, free food, dog privileges and more.

Google was also an incredible organization to visit and learn about. Google is one of the largest most well-known companies in the world with a mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” While visiting google we learned about the evolution of the Google search engine and how it was created to help solve problems, never to generate financial gains. Google truly believes that solving problems comes first and finances come second. Every Google employee works on a “20% project” meaning they focus 20% of their time and efforts at work on something they are passionate about. This allows Google employees to spend time working on something they want to work on, not just work assigned to them.

The last company we visited was LinkedIn. LinkedIn believes “connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” We had the opportunity to meet with 4 LinkedIn employees and talk about their current careers at LinkedIn and how they go there.

Overall, this trip was so insightful and gave The Social Media club members an opportunity to learn how they can use their online skills in the real world. We can’t thank Eller Undergraduate programs more for providing us with the opportunity to attend this trip and help organize it!