Internship Spotlight – Chad Stanger, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Chad Stanger is double majoring in MIS and Operations Management and will graduate in May of 2019.  He interned for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in the Corporate Analyst Developmental Program in Phoenix, Arizona. 

How did you get this internship? I applied online via Handshake. After a series of interviews (virtual and in-person), I was extended an offer by my recruiter. I accepted the internship position in early November, which allowed me to focus on my studies for the remainder of my junior year.

What was a typical day like? I conducted a daily report that illustrated agent work efficiency in real-time. This report was distributed to upper management to facilitate any necessary adjustments as the week progressed. Teammates often reached out for clarification and validation of my data. I also looked at raw data trying to create meaningful analysis that could determine agent performance in different key areas of the business.

Did you work on a big project? I worked on several large projects, but my most impactful project was my daily lead report. I pulled raw data each morning and demonstrated, at a glance, how the agents were performing. The work was highly impactful because upper management utilized my reports every day to generate better business results. Agents tried to pick apart my report and discredit it, so I learned how to provide evidence for my processes and explain them in a simple, clear manner.

What did you find most challenging about your internship? There was never a dull moment in my internship. I was given meaningful work that impacted the entire team even as an intern. This aspect was very satisfying, but it also came with a responsibility to provide answers in a timely manner. I needed to balance time management, as well as report accuracy, to ensure my end product was something I could be proud of.

What advice do you have for other students looking for a similar internship?
Do not expect work to always be handed to you. If you ever feel bored or below capacity, ask someone if they need your help. Never turn down an opportunity to support your team. Ambitious interns stand out to upper management and they will be very grateful for the work you’ve done. See what impact you can leave on a company with just a few months of work.

Did your internship employer provide housing or transportation assistance?
My employer provided financial assistance for housing and/or moving.

Anything else you would like to share about your internship experience?
I would highly recommend this internship to any Eller student! JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an astounding, large firm that still makes you feel like part of the family, even during such a small time frame.