Internship Spotlight – Kate Rottler, Honeywell

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Kate Rottler is an Accounting major and will be graduating in December of 2018.  She interned for Honeywell as the Future Finance Leaders Program Intern in Phoenix, Arizona. 

How did you get this internship? I got the Honeywell Internship through attending Meet The Firms and the Eller Career Expo. Before attending these events, I was researching companies with rotational programs and Honeywell really stood out. I applied on Handshake and talked to the recruiter as well as current employees at both career fairs. I participated in a short interview and a couple of weeks later got the call regarding an offer. It was an extremely easy experience thanks to Eller!

What was a typical day like? I would typically get into the office around 7:45, we could come in anytime we chose but I liked to get there before my managers. I would spend the first 30 minutes catching up on what is happening in the business world (the Morning Brew is a great resource!). After my project mentor would get in I would begin working on my project.  For lunch I would always have calendar events with members of the FFL program and we would eat in the company cafeteria or go out to eat. Lunches were always great networking opportunities and I had the privilege of making a lot of new friends. Around mid-afternoon I would hit the companies walking path with a few other finance interns. The internship days were a great mix of work and networking.

What was your favorite part of the experience? My favorite part of the experience was all of the individuals I had the opportunity to network with. At the Phoenix HQ, there are 40 FFL’s (people in the program within their first 4 years out of college). I had the opportunity to meet many different people, both accounting and finance majors, who had jobs very similar to what I was looking for. Each of the FFL’s I worked with were so friendly and shared many experiences they have had after recently finishing college. Also, my first week at the company I was invited to a one-on-one lunch with one of the CFO’s. That was a great experience and it was cool to know that at such a large company the top management still takes the time to get to know the interns.

If you worked on a big project, please describe it below: For Honeywell, their summer internship is project based. My project was to improve the software capitalization process and documentation. Software Capitalization is becoming a huge issue in every large corporation. GAAP will also be releasing new standards in a few years as the rules and regulations I studied have not been updated since the 80’s, and technology has most definitely changed since then. I standardized and streamlined documentation and input templates to track $160M in assets. This included updated impairment models and P & L statements for 19 different software programs. I worked with cross-functional teams including CFO’s and controllers to compile a master program file on a SharePoint for direct access to information. I also completed amortization forecasting and net realizable value tests. My project was a perfect mix of accounting and finance and helped me learn so much about applying old business regulations to new technological advancements!

How did Eller prepare you for your internship? Many of the Eller courses prepared me for my internship and I was already very familiar with the terms and applications used in finance and accounting. I felt Eller prepared me very well on how to network with high ranking individuals and I felt confident speaking to top level management. When it came to dress, there was a huge advantage of the Eller students knowing how to look professional and dress for certain occasions. On presentation day, the hiring manager told us “you all look very Eller today” which was a huge compliment to the college when we can be recognized for our professionalism. Eller has trained their students very well!

Did your internship employer provide housing or transportation assistance? My employer provided housing.