Eller Expo 2017

Eller Expo – Stepping Towards your Dream Career

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Set Goals for the Day
Written By Hunter Lindgren

As my third Career Expo comes around the corner, and I am making last second changes to my resume, it’s hard to not look back and think of the last two expos leading up to this moment.

Freshman Year – As a pre-business freshman, my chances for an internship were slim to none and I felt completely overwhelmed and out of place. I had never seen so many people in suits and my resume was still high school heavy. Even though I was met with some clear disadvantages, I learned a lot from this experience. First I got a feel for what the expos might be like in the future, and then I went around and practised my elevator pitch with recruiters who weren’t being talked to. It was a quick and short experience that begun to build my expo framework.

Sophomore Year – This year I came into the expo more comfortable and confident in my ability to speak to recruiters. I printed out 10 resumes and told myself I had to give out 8 before I left the event. Slowly but surely I jumped into the grove of the event. Talking to recruiters became easier with every conversation even though I wasn’t expecting many offers as a sophomore. To my surprise, I was asked to follow up on LinkedIn with a recruiter. I reached out and thanked her for speaking with me and soon after a relationship grew. I was consistently kept in the loop about internship updates and advancements. It was an overall great experience even though an internship never followed.

Junior Year – Well this is the year to shine. In just one day I will be suited-up and determined to raise my goals and this time land an internship. I am going to come in determined and ready to speak with recruiters about internship opportunities and continue to expand my network. My resume is almost finished and I am excited for another Eller Expo and chance to step into the world of business.

The Student Becomes the Recruiter
Written By Claire Woods

Eller does a phenomenal job aiding their students to be successful. One example of this effort is shown through the execution of their career fair; Eller Expo. I started going to this career fair as a freshman and have gone every year since. While it was a daunting experience as a freshman, I felt more than ready to take it on when it came to landing an internship two years later as a junior. Now, as a senior in college, I will be attending this event again, but, this time, as a recruiter for the company I recently accepted a full time job with. The main reason I am able to have this opportunity is that of all the resources provided by the Eller faculty. They shaped me into the young, ambitious professional that I am. I am confident that the ways in which Eller prepared me for events such as Eller Expo and Career Showcase are the reason why I am where I am today. Whether this is your first time or your last attending the career fair, I encourage you to utilize the people and tools around you in order to make the best impression during your job search.

It’s Good Practice
Written By Lacy Cain

When I was a freshman, I didn’t know where to begin or what the right moves were or where I wanted to go. I started going to Info Sessions, like Microsoft, at Eller but learned that employers were looking to hire juniors and seniors so I didn’t go to the expo that year because I thought it was pointless. I got my first internship at Cox through the Eller Professional Sales Club doing Sales. Post going on the Study Tour with Eller freshman year over spring break, I learned the importance of networking and connecting which led me to go the Meet the Firms and Eller Expo my sophomore year. I never have issues talking to professionals, but the courage to approach the table was my biggest barrier to entry to the workforce sophomore year. I got an offer from Ventana Medical Systems Roche to do a sales internship but turned it down later in the year because I wanted to study abroad.

Junior year was the beginning of me taking the Expo really seriously and preparing a lot for it. I went to all the information sessions leading up to it, shook so many accounting professionals hands (as my goal at the time was to get a financial internship), and applied to countless Handshakes. I didn’t do anything for my would-be employer, Siemens, until I was reading a blurb about them on the Expo app in the bathroom at the Expo itself. My personality got me first round interviews with Comcast NBC, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, Siemens, a smaller tech company and Bloomberg. I went to a happy hour with TI the next day to get to know the employers better as well. Made it to final interviews with TI, Comcast NBC, and Siemens while accepting the Siemens offer once it was given.

My favorite tips are to go to the Career Fair to practice networking, print lots and lots of resumes, wear dark clothing to prevent sweat stains, and be confident in your abilities when approaching a recruiter. Make sure to always read a blurb or so about the company to answer the questions they might ask you about themselves.

Practice Makes Perfect
Written by Nicole Allport

When I was a freshman, I was so intimidated by the Eller Expo. Talking to employers was scary but I was even more nervous to “compete” with the professionally dressed upperclassmen that seemed like they had it all figured out. I watched as hundreds of job-seeking students walked around with padfolios, extensive resumes and polished elevator pitches and realized that to be at that level I needed to start somewhere. I began to introduce myself to employers and spark up conversations with other students at the Expo. From this, I learned a lot and gained insight on how to become a more competitive candidate. This experience refined my professionalism and networking skills for the next time. My sophomore year, I continued to build relationships with recruiters and ended up making personal connections with the Fisher Investments recruiters that led to the internship I had with them this past summer. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect and the Eller Expo is a great way to practice your professionalism and get used to a career fair environment!