Alumni Spotlights – Amanda Emery, Google via Adecco

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Amanda Emery graduated in May 2018 with a major in Marketing. Amanda is currently working as the Project Manager in Google via Adecco in Kirkland, Washington.

Why did you choose to work for Google? Saying my first job out of college was at Google is something I knew I wanted from the moment they reached out to me. That desire to be a part of the Google team only grew once I started interviewing because I instantly felt welcome and that I could make an impact. I knew Google would be a company that would support me and be dedicated to my growth. I chose this job because I knew Google would help me grow my current abilities, teach me new skills, and skyrocket my future. I chose Google and they chose me.

Tell us about your job responsibilities and title. I am a contract project manager for Google via Adecco. In my position, I handle many different tasks and work with a wide variety of people. I do everything from write scripts that manipulate Google Sheets to automate project processes to organizing meetings with people from numerous different teams. A project manager’s job is to help coordinate, organize, plan, and lead a team in unique ways to complete projects efficiently and effectively.

What do you enjoy most about working at Google? Everyday is different and fun! Not every job will you be able to say you have people and dog co-workers, or “Dooglers” as we call them. Everyone is very welcoming and each person wants to help you learn and grow and is excited to do so. The culture is amazing and no we don’t play Quittage like in the Internship movie but Google does make company culture a top priority and has some very unique ways of keeping things interesting. But my love for my job goes further than that. I learn something new everyday whether its learning more about our products, learning to code (something I never thought I’d do or enjoy when I was a marketing major in college), or thinking of a new way to streamline a project. All around the company has so much to offer its employees and being able to work with so many different types of people on so many different teams has helped open my eyes to my own potential and where I see myself going in the future.

What is your fondest Eller memory? Every Eller student will agree, first semester Eller is your hardest semester in college. I lived at the library five out of seven days of the week and we used to joke that we should just start paying rent there. It sucked but some of my favorite Eller memories happened while I was studying. I met my life long friends sitting in the library trying to wrap my mind around economics. Three of us sat there struggling over the topic until we realized the table next to us what agonizing over the same subject. Somehow we started conversation and next thing I knew, all of us were working together as one big group. After that we were all best friends. We started group chats, hung out after class, and to this day we still keep in touch. I spent countless nights studying trying to understand basic business topics and there were times when I thought I would never make it through that semester. I did, and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing people I met along the way.

What advice do you have for Eller students seeking a similar career path? Don’t let anything hold you back from going after your dreams. If you can find a way to express your desire to learn, grow, and your passion to pursue a career where your abilities shine, you’ll be considered by almost any company. Potential can get you farther than you think.