Global Spotlight – Anya Weislak, Vertiv

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Anya Weislak is an Accounting major and will graduate in Spring 2020.  This summer she interned for Vertiv in Australia.

If you worked on a big project during your internship, please describe what you did to help. I worked on a project with IoT. Although I am accounting, it was a project that was given to all of the interns to work on together. We were given websites of companies that were looking to digitalize and we investigated as to whether we believed Vertiv could partner up with them. We then filled out an excel with various information that our supervisor was looking for to help determine if the company had a positive outlook. This was then used to provide a sales leads list.

What did you find most challenging about your internship?  It can be very challenging to adjust to the 9-5 schedule every day. You also don’t get paid which only decreases your motivation to show up some days. There were definitely times when I was given tasks to fulfill that I could just not seem to understand, but my supervisors were always helpful. Our accommodation is also about 45min to an hour from our work which makes your days that much longer.

What advice do you have for other students that are also considering interning abroad? I would definitely recommend it to other students considering interning abroad. While it can be hard because you don’t get paid, the experience is definitely worth it. Not only have I learned so much, I’ve also met so many people just through GAV alone. While there may not be that many people from your school it is over all a big group and that definitely helps. Not only have I learned so much but I’ve built so many friendships that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

How did Eller (or your previous coursework) prepare you for your internship?  My previous accounting classes helped me to understand some of the items that I was expected to do coming into the internship. A lot of what I did I had to be taught, but there were basics which helped the learning process easier. For example, I had to do bank reconciliations weekly. While I did not learn how to do that previously, once I did the reconciliations I would have to write journals for items that were not previously recorded. This was something I learned how to do in previous accounting classes and while it is very basic, it was nice to do something so basic that I had already learn