Global Spotlight – Avery Jones, SAP

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Avery Jones is a Finance major graduating in May 2020. Last summer, Avery interned with SAP in Prague, Czech.

If you worked on a big project during your internship, please describe what you did to help.  My big project is creating a system used to keep track of banking tokens used in the Global Payment Team that are used to make international payments. These tokens are very important because they are what we used to make payments for multiple different banks in many countries. I started by taking inventory for each employee finding out what tokens they had and if they were active or not. Next, I compared it to the master guide to see who needed to be authorized for which country. Then I created a system to keep track of the tokens that the members of the team share so we know where they are area at all times.

What did you find most challenging about your internship? The most challenging part was when I first started getting used to the pace that they work at. My supervisor is always very busy so he didn’t have much time to help me if I was confused about anything. Furthermore, when he just show me how to do something it would be at his own typical pace and not really explain it. This made it hard to start out because he would go so fast and I couldn’t keep up.

What advice do you have for other students that are also considering interning abroad? Stay open-minded and be ready to figure out how to do things on your own. Most interns here talk about how they needed to do their own research to figure out how to do things as our supervisors were extremely busy. You will mostly be out of your comfort zone as it is a unique experience. Also don’t freak out if you don’t know how to do something or what’s expected out of you in the end it will all work out.

How did Eller (or your previous coursework) prepare you for your internship? Learning a lot of excel in Eller really helped me has it is something I use at work every day. A coworker who is also an intern from SMU was a little behind me because she was not as familiar with excel as I was. Also having basic knowledge from my accounting class helped as I’m on the payment team over seeing payments to clients and employees in over 30 different countries. Also the team based worked completed in Eller helped me work in my team.