Global Spotlight – Vivi Ma, Infor

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Vivi Ma is double majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Accounting and will graduate in December 2018. This past summer, Vivi interned with Infor in Hong Kong.

If you worked on a big project during your internship, please describe what you did to help.  The company used to have contract with Salesforce. The project I am working with is called Infor for Infor support 2.0. It is using the company’s own software called Birst to create reports to instead of Salesforce. I was helping with creating reports. It is a new software for everyone in this company. Our team is responsible for learning and testing the software.

What did you find most challenging about your internship? The most challenging thing I have is communicating with my colleague from overseas. Our team has three colleagues work in Sri Lanka, it is 2 and half hours late than Hong Kong. All the meetings are arranged online and we never met with each other. The online communication is different than face to face communication. Because of the time difference, it takes longer time to solve a problem. This is the most challenging thing for me.

What advice do you have for other students that are also considering interning abroad? Join local events with you colleagues. Ask anything you don’t understand; everyone is kind to help. Enjoy the environment, live like a local.

How did Eller (or your previous coursework) prepare you for your internship? The pre-departure session is very helpful. The session let me learn more about the local culture. Since it is my first time to Hong Kong, the session well prepared me for this trip. All the group work I had in Eller, also give me more confidence when I work in a group. My internship group works by online communication. Not like Eller, we can meet with each other. However, the experience in Eller, prepared me for the communication and responsibility part. I will ask my colleagues anything I don’t understand and they are willing to help. This is Eller made me prepared for the real world. Do not afraid of fail. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.