Grad School Spotlight – Bobak Tabatabaian, MSF

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Bobak Tabatabaian graduated in 2017 with a major in Finance. He is currently completing the Eller’s Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Program.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school? I decided to go to Graduate School to expand on my knowledge of Finance, but received much more than I expected. I gained so much helpful experience that has aided me in dealing with the transition into my current position.

What was the preparation and application process like? The application process was straightforward, as it involved the GMAT test. The University of Arizona MSF program is very competitive, so I wish I would’ve taken a GMAT course to help prepare for the exam.

What has been the most challenging part of your experience? The most rewarding? The program begins with students ‘hitting the ground running’ so don’t let the learning curve at the beginning discourage you. The SAS course alone helped me to obtain my current job, but also the MSF Program made my adjustment into the real world seamless. I was able to learn from many group situations, while also stepping up to become a leader in my courses. The various group projects were very different than undergraduate Eller, as you are dealing with people of many different backgrounds in an progressive environment (Old/ young, Math/ Science Majors).

What do you hope to do after you complete the program? I am currently a Government Consulting Analyst for the California Department of Health Care Services. My expanded knowledge of the many financial derivatives from the MSF program, has assisted me in my goal of becoming an Investment Banking Analyst. I do not have a location set, but am currently managing my own Investments & looking toward a career in the Investment Banking Industry in the near future.

What advice do you have for students looking to pursue the same advanced degree? Be prepared to delve into the actual science behind finance, so I would recommend having a solid Math & Science background. Prepare to learn at an accelerated pace and definitely take refresher for Finance/ coding courses prior to beginning this Master’s program. This program will give you a great competitive advantage while searching for any job, especially in any analytical position.