Networking is the Key to Success – ALPFA National Convention

Eller PDC Coordinator Clubs & Orgs, Student Stories

Written by Jose Antonio Robles

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be at the National ALPFA Convention in Las Vegas this past week. I have made important networking connections with other students from all over the United States as well as professionals from all kinds of business fields. One of the workshops that really impacted me was about personal branding because a brand is a promise to deliver something and that consistency is key because it reflects how unique one is and what one can bring into a company. I also learned that diversity is a very important component for the success of many companies because they get employees from different backgrounds that bring in their unique perspectives in order to succeed. To reflect from going to workshops and networking with different professionals and companies, I have learned some key takeaways that will help me in my career and professional life. These are:

  • Networking is the key to success for any person hoping to advance in their career
  • Always voice your opinions and have something to say because it can set you apart and help you gain knowledge
  • Lastly, realize that everyone has an intrapreneurial mindset, which means one can problem solve and innovate by leveraging what one has to get where one wants to go. By going with my school chapter, I also learned about teamwork and communication skills that have helped me get closer to the other members and executive board. Thank you so much to the University of Arizona ALPFA student chapter for making this possible!