Class Captain 2018 – Ian Barton, Notre Dame Athletics

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Ian Barton is currently a part time employee for Notre Dame Athletics while he is pursuing his MBA. He primarily works on analytical projects for Notre Dame Athletics and loves his work.  Ian says that he is very grateful for how well Eller prepared him for his MBA pursuit and his biggest piece of advice for students interested in sports is to never pass on any opportunity in the sports industry.

My typical day at work focuses on analytical projects that help the Notre Dame Athletics department expand revenues or minimize expenses. This often involves looking at comparables, which in this case is other major football schools, and generating reports for our CFO (my boss) and the Director of Athletics. In terms of my MBA, I’m in a quarterly system so classes are very fast paced and there is a lot of group work (Similar to Eller!). Eller did an outstanding job in preparing me for my MBA and work experiences with Notre Dame. The Accounting and Finance curriculum gave me the foundation to think critically/analytically and really understand how a business functions. Most importantly, Eller developed my soft skills through group projects and presentations. Despite being the youngest person in my MBA class, I often find myself well ahead of the majority of the group and its a direct result of the challenging experiences Eller put me through as well as getting involved in FESO organizations.

Never pass up on any opportunity in the sports industry. There much more to the world than just pro sports teams and big professional leagues. Moreover, networking is really important, but focus on the quality of your connections over the quantity.

As painful as it was at times, it would be first semester Eller. I loved my team and met some of my best friends to date.